They Dicking - Lil Boosie

Bossie Bad Ass And 95% Of These Hoes Out There.. Yea They Diking..Yea They Dikin..I Got Ma B_tch Up In The Room And Im Finna Rip Her Ass Apart But Ma Other B_tch Here Made Her Eat Her In The Dark Now She Diking.. Now She Dikin..

[Verse 1]
Check This Out...Two Red Bones Kissin In Da Bak(Repeat 4)Girl Dont Stop Keep Going And Relax Me..You Want Me To Join In Then Ask Me. I Like Girls Who Like Girls That Attract Me.. And Her Friend Got Drunk And She Made A Move She Lick A Gurl On Her Stomach And She Couldnt Refuse Now She Confused Cuz She Like N_ggas Too. You Bisexual But Its Cool. She Made A Promise To Her Girl That She Wouldnt Tell Nobody One Got A Haircut Oh Now They Cant Hide It Now They Dikin They Liking They Play With Theself Before They Go To Sleep They Lock Up Like Crab.

I Got My B_tch In The Room In Finna Rip Her Ass Apart But My Other B_tch Her She Made Her Eat Her In The Dark Now They Diking They Liking.
And Her Friend Got Drunk Went To An Afterparty Couldnt Find No N_ggars So They Both Got Retarded Now They Dikin They Liking. [x2]

Yea Bad Ass Got A Jacob Gold Tink Top Dirty Hoes In The Pool All With Flip Flops One Of My Hoes Turn Dike I Had To Ask Her She Like Women Know What Women Want And Thats The Past. In Tennesee I Ran Into Some Bad Hoes She Turn The Girl On Her Back And Licked Her Asshole In High School They Were Diking They Played It All They Got And Turned On Everybody That Played Basketball But I Aint Got No Problem I Savage Yall And Im A Real Ass N_ggar I Aint Mad At Yall And If Bossie Was A Preacher Ide Marry Yall And Sneak Up On A 100 More So I Can Have All.

[Chorus X2]

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