Be Real - Lil Scrappy

[Chorus: 2X]
If you a thug my n_gga be a thug
if you sell drugs my n_gga then sell drugs
if you gonna rap about it be trill about it
and dont say sh_t if you can't BE REAL about it

[Verse 1]
Comin up as a child my city was hell
My moma was the best soldier, dad stayed in out of jail
I came robbin and kickin in doors then on my behalf and 17 old
But ya see shorty, My mom was a G
she made it real easy for my sista and me
She did what she had to do, and got out the damn crowd like a n_gga would do
Talkin about pimpin, o she did that too
I got robbed and this old n_gga took all my loot
And I was just 12 years old on 13 skin and bones thats why I thank my heart to sell dope
I gives a f_ck about none of you hoes
All you fake thugs think about is grills and gold, and pressin these doors
(shorty) and cakin these hoes
Ima pimp, I spend my time makin these hoes


[Verse 2]
Nobody loves me so I guess I stay to myself
A n_gga thinkin bout change comtemplating my death
Fell my pain as it reigns all over a n_gga
and the only way I can get away is weed and liquor
Fukin n_ggaz up on the daily if they didnt pay me
N_ggaz pullin guns on me damn near drove me crazy
Young n_gga went to school just to sell some dope
A lil crazy ass n_gga wit a knife in his coat
And in the streets broke heathens went through drama especially
moma swung on a n_gga, I stabbed the b_tch in her head (n_gga)
I dun scratch my head unless it itchs
an I dun smoke unless I'm bustin at you hatin b_tchs
n_gga we was brave to die, dont be askin me why
Ill rather hustle in the cold cuz n_ggaz sprayin wit fire
All the childhood fixins wit tha devil inside the kitchen
Got my mind on my gun and I'm finna pull a pistol

[Verse 3: Bohagen]
You see the streets, they'll shallow you whole, mind body and soul
And leave you in a ditch wit no shoes and clothes
Waitin for the trash collector
Follow me mind selector to the ghetto sector
They'll kill you over thirty dollars
I seen a man cut wit a dirty bottle blood squirted on his shirt and collar
I heard him holla a sound that I cant forget
Ran home, watched cartoons and ain't said sh_t
And to this day moma thought I was young, hungry, and poor (par)
while she was at the church praising the lord
I made through amazingly unscarred
She had to be praying cuz I made it by the grace of the god
Im proud of my hard times, I spit hard rhymes
Bible in one hand, the other hand 9
dreaming of naming streets and boulevards mine
Grab yo piece of the pie, the other parts mine

[Chorus - 2X]

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