Ain't Worried - Lil Wayne

Euro N_gga

[Verse 1: Euro]
I'm that Dominican n_gga, yo b_tch be talking bout'
I'm in a different city, you can f_ck her now
I got a whole collection, of my ho collection
Y-M-C-M-B no autocorrection
I said f_ck all y'all n_ggas, except my n_ggas
Security don't check my n_ggas, all y'all n_ggas gon respect my n_ggas
Either that or get a wack or get a bat to back of the neck my n_gga
Yeah that shorty with y'all, with y'all cause she never met a big dog 'til she met my n_ggas
Got a big dream, from a small town
Got a small circle, you'll never get around
Old hoes thinking I'mma put em on now
Room full of bad b_tches, I'mma put em all down
Hoes been broke, who's rich now?
I ain't never had change, why switch now?
Money talks n_gga, I ain't never heard sh_t
Til y'all heard me spit, [?]
Gotta mojo, with a flow-flow
Gotta whole load, don't know if it's a promo
Never cuff hoes, hell no that's a no-no
Cooling in the cut with a [?] sipping romo
No love for the po-po's, gotta pour more for my n_ggas in the hell hole
Never tell though, I'mma need a little more dope for my uncle
Cause I sell flows and he sell dope
N_gga work

God Euro
What up this Mack The fortune teller
The n_gga that put y'all on Miley Cyrus
Negrodamus my n_gga
Predicting futures
You need some lottery numbers holla at me n_gga I got you

[Verse 2: Jae Millz]
Put a n_gga in that hearse,Long ass K no nino
Word to Martin I'm cole but just call me buck shots
Like Pam make a n_gga say "Damn Gina"
Millzy! money don't mean nothing, my youngin'
Will kill you for some sneakers (blah)
This Dedication 5, no vacations slime
We in the endzone and they in bleachers
Cheerleaders, we ain't worried bout nothin, nothin
N_gga act dumb, push the b_ttonm, f_ck em
Get'em out of here like the sixth foul in the NBA, little n_gga no discussion
Boy I'll close ya case, like judge Millz Lane
All y'all wack ass n_ggas stay out of Millz lane
Big guns that go over the should dog
My team strapped, no overalls.
So please don't make me do it
Got soldiers and shooters
These bullets will swallow
Like shots of khalua
When we light up the weed
We fly like a rumor
Then hop on the plane
And fly over you losers
Put racks on your head now you sleep in the sewer
I'm not from this era that beef on computers
Look boy if it's war then all we coming after you
Especially if I'm smashin your sister like [?]
Shots in your challenger, shots in your passenger
Hittin your girl then I'm passing her
Jae Millz ain't worried bout nothin
Young Money ain't worried bout nothin

We ain't worried bout nothin (Young Money)
N_gga we ain't worried bout nothin (Jae Millz)
N_gga we ain't worried bout nothin (not a thing)
N_gga we ain't worried bout nothin

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