Another Planet - Lil Wayne

Hey this drank got me feeling like im on another planet
imma faint man it feels like im on another planet
watcha think girl i want it i know u gon let me have it
im on another planet
im on another planet
and i wont come down it feels so good
i dont wanna come down it feels so good
i walk around like im in space cause it feels so good
im on another planet
im on another planet

Verse 1:
im on another planet ask me how i got there
im dressed as a captain cause my money so rare
im drinking on this sh_t that likely cost some bucks
most people dont drink it cause it cost too much
and when im at the bar i be lookin like star
i dont pull out cash i be swipe'n credit cards
like visa or masta express or black ones
they asume im famous like artist or actors
moneys not a factor i blow it out my ass
if money came from trees then id grow it on my plants
grow it in my garden that remy martin
have me feelin like im on saturn and even mars man


Verse 2:
Uh um good bye world
this is weezy aka mista he took my girl
im on 1 im on 2
i got that bird flu fr-from that grey goose
and i dont need no juice
just a lil ice
and we can run around saturn green slice
i like my hawaiian white yeah patron strait
ill take u to mars show u i got my own space
der der dont shake the bed gon brake
ill take u out this world he'll just take u out da states
served by the crate
man im on a 8 it makes me move slow so imma be a lil late


Verse 3:
im next to the moon
close to the sun
so call me a star im as bright they come
high in the sky connected to big dipper
and when it come to liquor i am a big sipper
tell me have u ever seen an astronaut stripper
i dont do it on earth but here ill tip her
take u to my ship then f_ck to a sex tune
right after i hit im dippin to neptune
5 4 3 2 1 takeoff
i can prove mercury aint far as they say dogg
started with 1/5th now im on number four
and off of those four ive been around the solar


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