Before Tune Gets Back - Lil Wayne

[Intro: Lil Chuckee]
Man... Mike, cut something on!
Man, they don't never let me get on nothing dog..
Man cut something on!
Hurry up tho, before tune get back, come on!

Yeah, D5 motherf_cker!
It's Tunechi JR. b_tch!
Pops, lemme go ahead an get em one time, ya heard me?
Hol' up!

[Verse: Lil Chuckee]
Turn my motherf_cking mic' on
And I ain't leaving 'til the motherf_cking lights on
This ain't a d_ck, this a motherf_cking python
And if it's war call me, f_ck Tyrone
You know what? It's time for y'all n_ggas to sit
Big ass house, no room for bullsh_t
Such and such told me, "Chuck, you ain't rich!"
Well tell such and such: "N_gga s_ck my d_ck!"
Cause I got a lot of sperm if you need it, sperm if you need it
I made you go crazy for no f_cking reason
I beat you p_ssy n_ggas up until you start bleedin'
Menstrual cycle, f_ck it, go ahead bleach em
Diarrhea, I'm running this sh_t, I'm just getting my laps on
All my n_ggas strapped up, y'all p_ssy n_ggas got strap-ons
B_tch we bread this 5-stars, b_tch we bleed these 5-stars
YMCMB, you can come get f_cked by 5 stars!
She don' got too [?], I don' made her stupid ass walk home
I kill the beat [?] round as a motherf_cking Super Dome
You know I'm a f_cking beast, yeah I'm a f_cking creep
You could get these 30 clips if you wanna make a scene
Tune let me off the leash, now I run the f_cking streets
Two fingers in her p_ssy, then I tell her p_ssy, "Peace!"
It's Chuckee! She said, "Yo' name Chuckee?"
I said, "No, my name's S_ck Me!"
Introduce you to T if you stupid ass lucky
[?] rolling fat and I got my nose stuffy [sniff]
All my n_ggas on gas, Quik Trip
And all my n_ggas gon' blast this sh_t
See, all y'all n_ggas doing bad and sh_t
So really I'mma act a f_cking ass this year
Trukfit on my neck, that Truk mean I'll truck your ass
She got junk up in her trunk, I guess it's time to take out the trash
[laughs] And you thought this sh_t was over
Got paper like a f_cking school folder
If her grass ain't cut get the lawnmower
Tony, tell them b_tches it's [?] gang
Vocal lessons, let the nina sing
Before I leave up out this b_tch, they gon' know my f_cking name!
Birdman Jr. Junior! F_ck a dog b_tch, I got a puma
Man these n_ggas' pussies stink, no wonder why I was smelling tuna
Lame ass boys don't want no trouble, p_ssy n_ggas just a bunch of s_ckers
Smashing all they moms, you could call me a motherf_cker
Man I'm about to act an ass, and this sh_t here? Just a little tease
[?] and all them girls say Hercules!
B_tch I'm living B.I.G., my gun is little [?]
If that girl don't pop it off, I'll just skeet right on her weave
OK that gold pack in my pocket! I'm like a rag up in a socket?
And when I cock that nina nine you better not cock block me!
Uh, YM be the sh_t, I say damn everybody else
I be kicking girls out the condo, I got a black belt
Big bro said "It's yo time n_gga!"
You heard what the f_ck the man said
Boy I body these verses, that's why they cost an arm and a leg
Left that coochie smoking, she gon' fail her drug test
My chain on freeze, call my sh_t under arrest

I'm gone! [laughs]
Mike turn the mic' off dog!
F_ck, I'm just playing around dog...
Man cut the beat off before tune get back!

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