Big Tigger Live on The Radio - Lil Wayne

(Big Tigger)-a u lockdown ta the south to W.B.I.T.C.H were the w stands fo wahh!!! hit us at 180-nob_tch wut happenin
{Big Tigger}-yo
{caller}-yeh man check this sh_t out I went to the concert last night u know the after party and the n_ggas put on rashed's sh_t
{Big Tigger}-Roc master rashed?
{caller}yeah u know wut I mean aint nobody move noboby did sh_t but when they put Wayne's sh_t on everybody u know tvs fell down mutha f_ckin helicopters come from the f_ckin sky twirlin an sh_t n_ggas throwin money every goddamn were but u know rashed mandat n_gga u know put countryness in rappin he want ta save the whales dosomethin from the f_ckin earth
{Big Tigger}-yeah he aint bringin that heat like 500 degreezdats wut we got right heh wit lil wayne and cash money caller 2 get up out ahh heh

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