Boom - Lil Wayne

Tell 'em
Weezy bad
Na really I'm good
Sound like a T-Rex live under my hood
Better know the tec live under my seat
Put you in the ground
Now you live under my feet
All white diamonds on the front of my teeth
And you better put O in front of my G
The bullsh_t they talking doesn't come to my knee
I'm like a linebacker don't run it by me
My to best friends will accompany me
And right now they are in my dungaree sleep
One name Mack one name Nenna
They hit you make you do the Macarenna
Where you tools
you gonna need like a motherf_cker
And I'm so New Orleans it's like a motherf_cker
It's young money and we eating get you own suppa
Make me go off to the trunk and get the bone crusher

Tech's, AK's, I leave the scene ugly
Chest head face - arm leg stomach
I never been afraid I ain't scared of nothing
Because I got my thang my thang my thang
And that b_tch go boom
Boom [5x]
You hear them guns like boom
Boom [5x]


They like the way I ball they call me hot sauce
They no keep that toaster you can be my pop-tart
I never had height but boy I got heart
I ain't gotta speak I just let my car talk
I got more clips than any movie you saw
I pull up on you like I need some grey poupon
Hard hat no but I got the tool on
And you should be my paper if ever the tool drawn
Flow retarded when I spit I get my drool on
I don't rap I just sh_t like newborn
I don't write I just spit like a tooth gone
So tell them haters cut it out like a coupon
How come that japper sound like a new bomb
Little n_gga gotta hold the b_tch wit two arms
I got that heat the fire and the lukewarm
I'm on you heal like a shoe horn


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