Colorful Clothes - Lil Wayne

OK now shawty high yellow
Shawty eyes brown
Shawty so gold
And so is my crown
Baby color me bad
Shawty coat red
And so is my flag
Purple in my bag
And shawty hair black
And so is that car that I got in my back
How could I go hard from my girl in fact
I could take a fall from the world
Since the president black
I went and bought her black pearls
Like yeah
She don't want a she don't want a lil rainbow
She just wana wana follow up the waynebow
And i'm gonna let her
Cause me and her colors create art together, ooh!
She dont wanna do it unless we do it all night
I aint never blue with her in my life
Now don't we look nice
tuxedo all black and her dress so white, yeah!
And my name is Weezy Baby
And I'm
Young moolah baby

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