D.O.A. - Lil Wayne

[Blunt lighting]

Ugh, fiji water granddaddy purp
Excuse me I let da semi auto-matic burp
Blood gang muthaf_cka call me red alert
Young carter, kill in order who get it 1st
Stuff dat gurl with d_ck till her head burst
Young wizzle, flow needles I can thread shirts
Boy you aint did sh_t I den said worst
Flip your fitted cap back like fred durst
Ugh, fiji water og kush
I drink verses & eat hooks
Got da stove on my waist & we cooks
Im in da way you cant pass like aaron brooks
President ride da car slow
I let my driver drive I'm on part 4
Spit hangin from my mouth retard flow
& I say wat I want like an award show
Im on sum sh_t dat aint even cum out da ass yet
Sit back & watch da green grow like da grass wet
Young or old there aint no comparing me
I just cleared dat up moment of clarity ugh!

[blunt lighting]

Ugh, I'm about to go almonds
Young head-bussa get ya helmets
You n_ggas real soft wat is that velvet
I get big chips you get alvins
Ugh, I'm about to go wal-nuts
We get 7-digit money you can call us
Hit em wit da choppa watch em ball up
Paint ya face red you all dolled up
Yea, young nino n_gga
Do it for my team tim tebow n_gga
Im killing dis sh_t grim-reap flow n_gga
Gettin swalloed by da maybach deep-throat n_gga!
Ugh, I'm about to go planters
Im still in my prime deion sanders
We all gamblers, I will not lose
Flow precious as diamonds, I drop jewels
Ugh, gimme mine imma take mine
Smoke da purple, I heard it to da grapevine
Weezy baby a.k.a your heiness
I just killed dis sh_t moment of silence ugh,

(but I aint finished uh-uh....NO CEILINGS muthaf_cka yea)

Ugh, I'm in da zone like a fast-ball
& I f_cked da game up like a bad call
Let da money stack, dont let da cash fall
Bars all day, no last call
Ugh, I'm in da redzone n_gga
Wake up in da morning with ya head gone n_gga
Birdman jr. wings spread on n_ggas
Leave da beef in da streets & bring da bread home n_gga
Yea, tell da doctor step aside please
Dr. carter gasoline in your ivs
Strong dry weed
Make my eyes bleed
Strong arm wrap
I rock an iron sleeve
Ugh, I'm in da zone like da secondary
No lie b_tch I'm flier than a pet canary
Im a dog on da beat f_ck da vetenary
Two women plays me like mary-mary
Ugh, I'm in da zone like college ball
Spit fire like I'm cippin on a molotov
Loose bowels dis sh_t so easy
Jay-Z (I might send this to da mixtape weezy)

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