Dedication 4 - Lil Wayne

[Lil Wayne talking:]
Shout Out to everybody man
But uh let uh let me just prepare them let me just let em know uhh just so you know that the future weezy imma be on this rock sh_t
You understand me
This real rock sh_t
Its gettin real crazy
But uh imma keep rappin for ya'll and sh_t to
Cuz I know ya'll like that sh_t
I know ya'll like that sh_t
I know ya'll like that sh_t
And uh just in case if ya'll want to know
What I was actually saying at the end of that performance on BET hip hop awards cuz I know they probabyly cut a lot of that out
I had said uh
Give me a beat Gudda, come on oh yea come on we about to take it back to New Orleans, lets go
Oh oh oh
B_tch didn't ya momma tell ya not to f_ck wit them aliens
Im just tryin to mate like a f_cking australian
Dreams of f_cking Mrs. Sarah Palin
And don't Mccain look like his heart about to fail em
But scratch that sh_t, young money we the greatest
Add another check to my checkin and savins
And afour fs to the weezy f baby
Nah im weezy f_ckin f_ckin f_ckin f_ckin f_ckin baby
Dedication 3 we out this hoe
Actually we in yo hoe
Wayne Talkin.....

I Feel Me (The Drought is over Part 6 coming 11/19/08)
[DJ Drama] Hahaha you thought it was over, let me give you some D4,
B_tch I Feel Me!
I got the game mad, and I ain't talking about homie in LA neither
I say I got so much money man I don't know what to do wit it
I was thinkin bout gettin some and lettin you spend it
Hey I do it way bigger than you did it
Im sitting on them jordans, it must be the shoes in me
I get real ignorant
Cruel really cruel
When it rains just tell em to get in the pool silly
Who really pourin with us?
Home boy you trippin you gunna fall and bust your ass
I can rap fast but I like slow better....why?
Cuz b_tch imma flow better fl-y fl-y fly
With no feathers
And if you want know bad you gunna know better yea
Im talkin young money army weezy aka I got enough money on me
Yea and yall niggers phony
I got some bullets wit yall pictures on them
Haha yall really dont want me
And I blast off on beat
She make you leave and you just do you and she just do me
I told ya

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