Do What We Do - Lil Wayne

I don't know bout you
But umm...

[Chorus: X2]
My girlfriend, got a girlfriend
My girlfriend, got a girl and we do [X8]
What we do [X8]
What we do

[Verse 1:]
You know me, young F hoe
I gets all in her mouth like strep throat
I gets all in her belly like pepto
Straight stompin' in dat p_ssy like a stepshow
Ghetto b_tches keep me wit em like lip glow
College b_tches keep me wit em like cliffnotes
Cold b_tches keep me wit em like thick coats
Two foreign b_tches, now thats a mink show
Pull your skirt up, and let ya hips show
She fell in love with a stripper at the strip show
And now.. theres
Two b_tches and me [X3]

[Chorus: X2]

[Verse 2:]
I like long hair, I hate make up
F_ck my pillows up, f_ck is really up
I like slim chicks, I love big broads
All the b_tches love me, I need a d_ck guard
And if she dont give head, shes a nimrod
B_tch I would never put your number on my sim card
I look at M J G and 8 ball as mentors
And sh_t... all they ever told me was pimp hard
Pimp harder, I get head and tail like a quarter
Yup, yup, in dat order
Two b_tches and me [X2]

[Chorus: X2]

[Verse 3:]
Two b_tches and me [X4]
They kissin and huggin [X4]

I could play wit it, I could beat it up
Yup, beat it up, get ya p_ssy lip bust
She said she wanna know how p_ssy taste
She wanna s_ck d_ck while she get her p_ssy ate
Movies , massage, menage, bedroom, bathroom, garage, goodbye
Just leave me be, and it was just us three, two b_tches and me

[Chorus: X2]

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