Fly out - Lil Wayne

[Lil Wayne]
We here
I said we here
The back of Tha Carter
The back of Tha Carter....Two....Ooooh
Yea....This here is....the end of Tha Carter Two people
HEY! HaHa.Yea

[Verse 1]
I got the game on ball and chain
I threw the key in the train
I'm like the key in the truck
I spent a G on these frames, though my vision is priceless
Seeing through you n_ggaz like a f_ckin psychic
Hearing through the grapevine, n_ggaz wanna hate mine
Say my name and die in the daytime
You catch my drift, man you better be Peyton
Boy the heats on, they make a peace bond
I'm in this b_tch, throwing up the seventeenth sign
Straight frowns, no daps, strapped three times
A Tec-11, AK 47, one Beretta, ready for whatever
Tell them p_ssy n_ggaz come together
Heavy wetter, n_gga super soaker wetter, n_gga
Six feet under flowers, you ain't nothing but a petal n_gga
I'm just a little n_gga, trying to be a civil n_gga
Thirty years old, sh_t that'll be a different n_gga
Quit it Wayne, your Mom is listenin
But she ain't really trippin, 'cause the pots is piston
Them n_ggaz trippin, unitl the shots whistling'
Hear them bullets sizzle, like a cobra at attention
I gotta b_tch, and quit callin women b_tches
As long as she don't worry 'bout the coke in the kitchen
No preventing the crime, I gotta get it
I'm admitted to the game, true playa, no quittin
There you go sh_ttin on a way a n_gga thinkin
Only history I know is Benjamin Franklin
This is the future and crime is to no one
I live everyday like this is the sure one
Train in the tidal wave, this is the ocean
Stand in the heat, 'til the mother f_ckin snow come
And it feels so f_ckin good
Throw my dope like a rope, let them tug and pull
No hope for the hopeless, rats and roaches
Runnin cross the porch, in the attic there's a fortune
Come and get it, automatics in motion
We bangin for the bread n_gga, even the molded
I got my loaf, I got my toast
Chaperone of the south, I got my coast. Yea
And unll I die I'm Da. Da Da Da Da. Da BEST RAPPER ALIVE

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