Forever - Lil Wayne

Forever, Forever

Str8 up gangsta,hollygrove gangsta
lay a n_gga down in pink stuff
them soft ass dudes just think
tough we shooting put them shanks up
we just tryin to live till summer
and put them mincs up im
sync up in the cope the eyes chenk up
pull up on a b_tch with the light
that night linked up
whole lotta sh_t in the life
as young boss but
that vvs ice will bite ya
face off yea i ignite
and take off now catch
up im the best doing it come on n_ggas
fess up n_gga feel different he can chest
up guess what i bring to
his chest to his right lung and left lung
n_gga get a check up n_gga put ya check up
i swear im on fire need
water like a hiccop
so i guess i can might as well say that im
the best today and

Forever, Forever

Candy paint T im ridin the peppermint
even my leather got my leather
trim im rollin up the element
i shutin em in the trunk like a elephant
bet u remember it like elephant
I got this rap bottle up like medicine
whose better than,f_ck him
i prolly f_ck her and whats new
and if u hating on us yea f_ck u
and if them b_tches what to f_ck us
we wanna f_ck to
what up conicedence and we cause
acidents not incidents
im big sh_t their inciwince
their not even a letter in my
sentences sitting in my
cope on 20 inch
so it's like im fencing b_tch i
will stunt

Forever (so stop being defensive b_tch imma lit this b_tch im in this sh_t)
Forever (Now end this sh_t!)

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