Freestyle - Lil Wayne

im mac maine and this young money you betta em
straight out the hood a young hoodlum
done what i shouldnt did but they said i couldnt
hid where all the killas hid at
im where the other hustlas slung at waitin on that get back
get that flip that debatin on that mix match
switch that from dope ta coke
im goin up fast now you n_ggas is slowin fast
now my is n_ggas blowin abs
if i tell em you n_ggas is hoein up cash
rollin up steppin out of the phantom ass put yo lighters away you talkin to a can of gas
theres nothin ta no matter who comes ta ask
and murder aint funny but we do love ta laugh
we just livin take money take baths
take a n_gga b_tch and f_ck her and send her back with nothin
now isnt that disgustin give him back his sister give him back his cousin
yeah go make a stack or something go and buy yourself a spine and get her back ta frontin
yeah and ta end that discussin i been had strenght i just got the muscule
f_ck you its that or the other i see my people strugglin wish that they wasnt
the government try ta put us in the muzzle but yo two fingers aint the pieces ta the puzzle
sh_t so to each its yo own hustla and i hustla all night the go home ta the fustin
then wake up ta the f_ckin breakfast in bed dont forget my english muffin
hawiian punch taste like robitussin a n_gga just livin just breathin just puffin
cmon momma drop that la burner d_ck milimeter cock back murder
banks in the hater we can not go any further
if my girl catch us both in the spot she will murk us
p_ssy n_ggas talkin all that smack we will murk his
hungry ass n_ggas i tote two hamburgers
who what beef who what beef
i bring to front door and now you seem nervous
two seater sweve traffic ta hell with it sh_t you cant die with cant
sh_t you cant die with it cant go ta jail with it
might as well lay in it pass and then fail with it
me i exhale then tell and tell whip with it
give them n_ggas something ta them b_tches smelling like money after full court scrimmage
the fam at the table got a full course dinner
young money cash money throw pifatti at the winner
and yet he understund us when we told him break it off
cause gangstas talk one word will be a wall
alone with two cant handle this destructin
all body killin baby sound like seductin
n_ggas change dough b_tches follow the instructions
sometimes you goota out the whole rooster in the oven
so tell the public ima do my thing
just as soon as i hear that bing
i got comin comin up
you n_ggas just runner ups
and runnin up will get you in that wheelchair forever
its whatever ima be here forever
cause the little n_gga better than all you n_ggas together
im gone

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