Fuck You - Lil Wayne feat Big Tymers

[Lil Wayne]
Who that, Weezy B_tch
Like Sigel, you f_ckin with the young don, people
Plus I'm tryna make a son, he gon' be the sequel
Muh'f_ckas better be peaceful, fo' sheezle
I get sums in lumps, like measles
My dough sick, on occations I catch seizures
I treat beef like burgers, just cheese you
And for that cheedar, hungry n_ggaz'll eat you
We breeze through in the twelve with the judo eyes
B_tches yell I wanna do those guys
Ain't that cold, you know sh_t f_cked up when you got banked at fo'
I'm 19 and I got banked at O
That's the Bentley ma, that ain't that Rolls
But the price on that muthaf_cka ain't that low
Guaranteed that I'll bang that fo'
If your f_ckin with the dude
Big shout from Cash Money Records, F_ck You

[Chorus x8]
F_ck you, f_ck you n_gga, muthaf_ck you

[Mannie Fresh]
Chains, nines, guns that's us
The slogan is "we will bust"
The rules our this our size
Cross it young n_gga and you will die
Pumps, ride guns, even 25's
Cash Money got this, don't even try it
Stay where you from, don't bring no static
If not, then semi-automatic
This is the payback, p_ssy b_tch stay back
F_ck you, yo' mama, yo' daddy and where you lay at
What's beef, beef is when you f_ck with us
Guaranteed to lay yo' ass up under the bus
There's no one quicker, than a hot boy n_gga
That'll get you with the knife, or pow with the trigger
There's no one keaner, with the chrome Sarafina
Murder ain't nuttin' but a misdemeanor

[Chorus x4]

Fo' sho' n_gga
I'm gon' ride 'round my city and stunt my sh_t
If a n_gga don't like it they can s_ck my d_ck
I got a Bentley, Jag, Rolls, Ferrari
Lambo' with no top I'm gon' ride tomorrow
F_ck a cutless, regals, and rams V-12
Gotta have somethin fast just to get out them jams
Got a big ass crib with a flow lil f_ck
Got a roof all glass and that b_tch split up
Got a house built look like a Mercedes booth
Ferrari sofa set with the Lambo' wrench room
Leskitted up kitchen set and Rolls Royce wall
Jaguar floors and f_ck all yall
BMW lights, projectors to watch fights
Caddilac Benz, white fox for threads
Chin cheddar for Chi tower, ain't that crazy
I don't give a f_ck homie, that's how I play it
Refridge designed like a Lexus with legs
In the fridge, it's quarters to replace the eggs
From me, Fresh, and Weezy f_ck what they say
I'm Cash Money stunna n_gga and that's how I play it

[Chorus x8]

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