Fuckwitmeyouknowigotit - Lil Wayne feat T.I.

I mean it's simple
Can't f_ck with us

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
I got money on yo head
I don't do my dirty work
I cut off my hands, I don't even touch the work
I pray these n_ggas don't f_ck with me
And I don't like to curse in church
And my girl' p_ssy taste just like Mrs. B_tterworth's
I mean that, believe that
Don't be short with that work n_gga
We find out where yo ho work n_gga
We follow you moms from church n_gga
You gonna have to swallow yo pride like a thirst quencher
Get'em Tune
I don't really f_ck around with certain n_ggas
F_ck all ya'll n_ggas, except my n_ggas
These n_ggas hustling backwards
Check ya rear-view mirror and side mirrors
OG kush keep my mind clearer
That choppa get yo mind right
I got 2 choppas that's chopsticks
Eat yo block up like shrimp fried rice
Been so long since I seen my eyes white
You know I smoke like dry ice
Now there stay in yo lane and get sideswiped
It's going down, let me straighten up yo fly right
Still can't turn a ho into a housewife
Man it's like some things will never change
You ain't got a shot in a gun range
These chumps ain't even got chump change
Uh yea, and don't f_ck with me, you know I'm Gotti
Check yourself before I sign it
Yea, I'm shinin on these n_ggas, no horizon
Yea, and it's going down if I'm her pilot
Uh, my new car is so robotic
My new b_tch is so provided
Money talks, yours like no comment
Black car, racial profile and rest in peace to Christopher Wallace
Desert Eagle like dub Mojave
I get my work from Rico Suave uh
It's a Rollie if I got time on my hand
You ever see me broke? Write on my cast
Boy my weed so good I cry when it's gone
Had a phone in jail, that's a cellphone
Yea, I'm bout to buy a machinegun
You drink it all, leave clean cups, make mountains look like speed bumps
I'm sittin on some train tracks
Hopin' that b_tch speed up
I'm Strongarm and these n_ggas roll my sleeves up, yea
I got bad b_tches on standby, all my hoes got cat eyes
Celebrate when a rat die, make a n_gga fall back like he getting baptized
When we in a hospital room full of flat lines
I'm Tunechi the immortal
My name ringing, my name ringin, hello may I take yo order?
I say...
Testarossa over testimony
Got so much sh_t built up you could smell it on me
F_ck all y'all n_ggas in Swahili n_gga,
Ain't nothing free round here but Willy, n_gga
Ak-47, call it Mr. Biggs
All my n_ggas blood, f_ck yo syringe
Chop his head off, put it in the fridge
Try not to mistake that sh_t for dinner

[Verse 2: T.I.]
Hey let me introduce you n_gga to America most
Every n_gga round when we carry it out
Sedated b_tches like a n_gga tune the low
They just be like 10 and we doin em all
Okay, Tune in the jet flyin over the boat
I'm on the way from the Panama, I got a few on the boat
What you n_gga make a year I could do it to blow
You keep on playin with me, bet I'll put a few in you ho
The fate up before a n_gga, we soon to see
These n_ggas sweet as perfume to me
I mean really like cartoon to me
Ain't nobody f_ckin with Tune and me
Hustle Gang, bang green and grab a truck
Young Money, cash money, they down with her
I got a b_tch who want yo b_tch, you finna get a ho up
And don't bullsh_t and listen, you don't really know her
We a bust a n_gga head, leave layin fo dead
I get caught with a banger, I'm a lay in the feds
In Gen Park n_gga every day interfere
I was chillin on the yard, really going hard
And these p_ssy n_ggas catchin' feelings over broads
King p_ssy n_gga go up really like a God
A town n_gga, bank head I'm about it
Everybody know "don't f_ck with me cause I got it"

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