Get It On Wit Ya - Lil Wayne

(Lil Weezy)
Tell the truth why would i lie?
i walk around this b_tch like a pilot im FLY
hello and bye bye i leave yall ass in da past like tye dye
haha 3 blunts and a maitai and im so well connected like wi-fi
me well dred them they sci-fi i murda bill nye the science guy
I do wat i do and i do it well im a O.G. B**** cant you spell
f*** wrong wit yall i aint marvin gay but cant get it on wit yall

(Styles P)
I was always outside till i seen the inside where men die and men cry
stand f***in tall now we can have a brawl or hit the bar on the wall
i been through it all n_gga nothin iz a issue in a cell goin downtown
nothin in tha judicial back on my feet sh** my G sh** cant wait to see sh**
the whole thought i wouldnt be sh** imma make somethin of myself get in the game i aint fu**ing with dis powda dat i sell f*** the whole world imma make myself proud of my own self tell the truth i aint see nothin foul than my ownself yea im a loose cannon shoot standin or sittin down f*** wit dem junkies like a monkey n_gga ill flip around man up n_gga stan up why iz you sittin down? wat they can die to yea we get high to itz coke we buy too nah i aint py-ru no i aint da-mu i hunda clip yo a** and u will look sky blue brand new beins like im comin from na-ru try to stay positive brotha i try to but i aint lie boo itz only survival when the reverend standin ova him holdin the bible WHOA!

(Mack Maine)
my n_gga its so easy that girl so thick she remind me of suzie im cool but heated like a jacuzzie im da size of a mountain so b**** u cant move me look homie you not even on my level when comes to battle mc's son i kill several i get mo blow den a tea-kettle tell girl to come and s_ck my d_ck and then we settle i do wat i do and i do it right im a O.G. b**** cant you spell f*** wrong wit yall i aint marvin gay but i can get it on wit yall

(Lil Weezy)
microphone c-h-ecka no licka jus painkillas and promega young eckas jus jumping the gas like checkas you cant check us or we all in face like freckal trump speckle b**** up talk i swim wen and weneva i walk wit a fork in my pocket salt and peppa feed me rappas or feed me beats and if you dont beleive me then leave me be HAHA i am not human i am jus an illusion organized confusion amuzin haha i am not losin i am one of the chosen school of the hardkncoks i am just a student

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