Gettin Some Head - Lil Wayne feat Pharrell

Ridin with a b_tch I call hot mouth shelly
She pop them extasies and get that cotton mouth heavy
I give her a bottle of water b_tch break out sweatin
And then she get straight to that head like a f_ckin excedrin
I'm a fly ass n_gga take a look at me b_tch
Now go and tell the cops I gotta crook in my d_ck
Straight gutter b_tch, open like a hook in the fish
I gotta lady from paris that french kiss my sh_t
Yea why you think I gotta tint my whips
Cause I be gettin some head, right in my sh_t
You say you love that woman, but that been my b_tch
And if you kiss that woman, than you s_ck my d_ck
These hoes is nasty, y'all n_ggas is trippin
I gotta b_tch with her mouth like that boy Ken Griffey
When I'm out in the streets better believe I'm pimpin;
And if you ever saw me with one of them video vixens

I was gettin some head..(Get gettin' some head)
Super head what's good? Super head what's good? Super head what's good?
I was gettin some head (Get gettin' some head)
I was gettin' some head (Get gettin' some head)

Y'all know me I smoke a blunt while I'm gettin' brain
Stick my finger in her b_tt while I'm gettin brain
yeah I'm nasty b_tch! What? Lil' Wayne!
I liked dem maked up lips and two toungue rings
I gotta say it; I'm the president I run things
All these hoes tryna save a n_gga cum stains
Real talk; I get head I get head on the airplane
B_tch be climbin' all over that little chair game
I pull her hair back
she holla yeah back
I like a b_tch wit some lips like a bear trap
and I don' mind goin down I take care of that
I have homie at home like where she at?
She wit me; in my bad ass ride
Givin' me a blow job like a 9-5
She said she eat her vegetables so she stay alive
So she slobbed on my knob
like corn on the cob

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