Hoes - Lil Wayne

Hoes! Lets just talk about Hoes!
Can we talk about Hooooooeeeeesss Hooooooeeeeesss!

Mannie "Lets Go"

Verse 1
You got to talk like a pimp whats good mommee
you knew betta you threw betta who betta than
that n_gga with the crisp. White tee icy white
sneaks jeans to a betta you do betta gettin yo ass
out off up in that coupe b_tch. See yo ass on that new
leather and recupe b_tch. Its only me you b_tch on
our way to the stoop. I'm that birdman junior you ain't
know and don't give me that silly bullsh_t about you ain't
hoe. I move ya to my city put yo ass in ya 1-0. I have ya
lookin pretty at the half knock at the do. And gucci don't
picture like you suppose to be in pictures I computer love
baby Wayne ya change your image. You need Weezy them other
boys just gimics. Me I'm just game, green and straight physics
is you wit it (Yeah)I ain't even tryin to hit it. I ma get it
once its time to get it. Lets talk about


Verse 2 (Mannie)
I got this rat name Shelly dat loves Macaphelly
Number 5 combo meals its bad she K-Y jelly. Our
old school shorty still drinkin 40's. Grab the mic
start a fight,f_ck up the whole party. Maybe you
should leave, just yo weave thats velcro hell no b_tch
go wit Steve. Got this lead singer b_tch from a popular
group I would say her name but she bought me a coupe. Got
this poor hoe Shonna swear like Marijuana she dig lil wayne
but she love the big tymers. Got pretty gurl Patrice found out
Im f_ckin her niece she tried to stab her so I grab her and we
call the police. Mr. Officer, dat b_tch den lost it bra she goin
to jail oh well, I be f_ckin her. See two dykes, spanish twins nuts
press on they chin, will we go belly low well n_gga that depends


Verse 3
I got old school b_tches and new school hoes
female basketball players with cornroles and i'on
like shardell gurls no not really if I do she got to
look like the old halle berry or the broke toni braxton
or first lil kim but i still take hood rats and work with
them. I put yo ass in a jag and I got jerk ya quick. Give ya ass
a lil game if you smerk you in. I am pimp not a simp like ice in
my drink and I don't think twice or blink cuz Im focus rollin in
the whitest mink like im polar bear yeah let down my hair Get jazzy
on a b_tch like Fred is dere rose gold in her face get'em red as glare
My bentley plum my mercedes pear. I am lookin for a freak momma take me
there Yeah

Chorus repeat 3x's

Weezy Talkin

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