I'll Holla - Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne:
First things first
Rest in peace stack bundles
now watch me get up in they ass like crack bundles
no homo, from the home of the black gumbo
big rockets on the block, but no mutombo
holley grove thats my f_ckin jungle
and im pullin on the money till it scream 'uncle'
tug-of-war f_ck a war if it aint bout money
and they will never run the south cause i will out run em
like relay
i hustle every-day
like r-i-c-k
ross, horse-es
12 no v8
get lost on the freeway
call me lil e.a. the son of lil betray
n_ggas wanna g-hate
they never see me hate
i swear i just be chasin until my f_ckin feet ache
lost my n_gga stacks
left me with some heart-ache
but if there is a heaven for a g (i'll holla)

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