I Don't Like The Look of It - Lil Wayne feat Gudda Gudda

[Verse 1 - Gudda Gudda]
Okay I'm sippin' on the syrup
Got a n_gga movin' slow
I'm all about the money
What the f_ck you think I do it fo'?
B_tch don't act like you don't know
I'm killin' all these rap n_ggas
Custom made casket for yo' muthaf_ckin' funeral
Keep the women with me
Sh_t I gotta keep like two or mo'
Party everyday like we won the f_ckin' Superbowl
Chillin' wit' my n_gga Mack, he keep b_tches handy
White girl on the table love them sniff the nose candy
When I'm walkin' by the women say "Who is that n_gga?"
I replied "Hi, I am Gudda Gudda that n_gga."
I was raised in the home of da cap splitters
Whip on 24?s watch it crawl like a caterpillar
I come wit' a toy, boy like a Happy Meal
And you's a muthaf_ckin' duck, Daffy Dill
I'm from the school of hard knocks, where we scrap and kill
Pick the knife or gunner, you can get the package deal
I'm hot n_gga, burnin' everything around me
I was lost for a minute took a while but I found me
The streets say I'm king but the game will never crown me
Realist n_gga doin' it just ask the n_ggas 'round me

So you can't size me up or try to clown, a
Shark in the water jump in and I'ma drown ya
New Orleans n_gga, gun out, I'ma down ya
Put n_ggas to sleep like a muthaf_ckin' downer
I'm a great white, you's a flounder
Fish and a b_tch I tuna eveything around ya
U-Haul Gudda, movin' everything around ya
It's Young Money b_tch
At the top is where they found us

[Verse 2 - Lil Wayne]
Uhh, goons on deck
Marley don't shoot 'em
Silence on the gun
Watch a n_gga mute 'em
The coach in the booth
Call me Jon Gruden
School these n_ggas, they all my students
All jokes aside, I ain't playin' wit'cha
The weed broke down, like a transmission
The choppa spin him 'round, like a ballerina
B_tch I'm still spittin' like I ate a jalapeno
I'm from uptown my b_tch from Argentina
My pockets on fat like Joey Cartagena
Stuttin' so hard it's all y'all fault
And when it come to beef give me A1 sauce
I ain't worry 'bout sh_t everything paid out
You can catch me court side at Dwayne Wade house
With a high yellow thick b_tch with her legs out
Cash Money president but we in a Red House
Who the f_ck want it? Make my f_cking day
I'll blow your candles out now n_gga cut the cake
I gotta eat b_tch like a runaway
Y'all n_ggas ain't eatin', stomachache
Ok, all these b_tches and n_ggas still hatin'
I used to be ballin', but now I'm Bill Gate-ing
F_ckin' with my iPhone bumpin' Illmatic
I'm on the road to riches, it's just a lil traffic
Hair still platted, thuggin' is a habit
Keep my guitar, Hip Hop Lenny Kravitz
Bunch of bad b_tches and I f_ck 'em like rabbits
Dope d_ck Weezy, ya girlfriend an addict

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