Intro (Tha Carter IV) - Lil Wayne

Haha, uh..
Man, f_ck them b_tches & them hoes
& Them n*ggas pussies; camel toes
I got some money on me, and the weed nice
My sh_t won't ever stop, s_ck my green light
B_tches Carter 4, murder's all she wrote
Now it's f_ck everybody, like the Scorpio
Still running sh_t, I'm on my cardio
Boy I'm going in, like my water broke
Suicide note, suicide doors
I put it over-time, like a tied score
Tinted windows b_tch, that mean mind yours
& The weed loud, like a lions roar
Stare into the eyes.. The eyes of forever
Hear no evil, see no evil; Helen Keller
No music on. Rock It Accapella.
& I don't need a watch, the time is now or never
Tell my n_ggas love, I die behind this sh_t
A n_gga countin' money, you n_ggas counterfeit
Real n_gga n_gga, proud of what I am
Young Money isn't on me, b_tch I'm Uncle Sam

Them hoes call me "Tunechi", Mama call me "Tune"
I left the bullsh_t in the waiting room
Straight to the money, no short cuts
Now watch me go retarded; yellow short bus
We do drive by's, we do walk-ups
& B_tch I be so high, I get star-struck
Millz in this b_tch, he say "f_ck them hoes"
& the jewelry bright, like summer clothes
& I eat some bud, like Rudy Huxtable
Our bodies slam the beat, n_gga dusted rose
I'm from Eagle Street, I go Hercules
I get on the beat, murder first degree
YMCBM.. We don't give a f_ck
You faker them some titties, you getting' titty f_cked
Ha, this the best/worst feeling
& N_gga if I die, I die a death worth living
Uh, this that textbook G-Sh_t
I've been in that water, but I never been sea sick.
Yeah, knock me or knock your face off
Life's a crazy b_tch; Grace Jones
Mind of a genius, with a heart of stone
Ha..C4, Mr.Carter's Home.

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