It's Time to Give Me Mine - Lil Wayne

Been running for too long [x3] It's time to give me mine
Time to time to give me mine, time to give me mine
Benn running for too long, it's time to give me mine

[Lil Wayne]
I'm so far ahead man
What they talking bout, Fee, they ain't saying sh_t
It could weak a whole court, like Stan Smith
Or Judge Judy, you n_ggas betta shoot me
Cause I bought my mans a glock, and I bought myself a uzi
Don't confuse me, no they don't amuse me
I come after the money, like Wednesday come after Tuesday
I told Stunna I'm wylin', he say don't worry I got ya
He told me, cut the heads off, and bring 'em back for papa
Yea, dem n_ggas gettin scurred, word
All dat talkin, just a whole bunch of verb
P_ssy ass n_gga got a whole bunch of nerve
I have 'em put yo picture on a whole bunch of shirts
I smoke a lot of weed, and drink a whole bunch of syrup
I like brain, so I f_cks with a whole bunch of nerds
Heh, I am number 1
Cause 2 is not a winner, and no one remembers third


[Lil Wayne]
Wizzle F. Baby, yea (b_tch!)
See, money is the topic, baby
See, I'm a giant, all these otha n_ggas mockin, baby
They microscopic, baby
Big crib, I can't even hear 'em knockin, baby
Headed to the top, like I'm tied to a rocket, baby
To all the foreign woman, let's make a tropic, baby
I got so many b_tches, I could make a combilation
I'd like to thank the haters, for yo cooperation
I got dat docter chopper, give you an operation
N_gga this is my crusaders, kill for confromation
We all got on masks, we bout to toxic waste 'em
I hope they momma raised 'em, cause they got b_tch ways
If they don't pay for ya, they get ya back dead
Real talk, stop walkin on ya back legs
Step into the lime light, bullsh_t backstage
I used to tote a 32 up in my crack days
I tote dat AK-47 in my rap days


[Lil Wayne]
I'm comin, Wizzle F. Baby (b_tch!), yeah
Come and get it, anyone can get it
But since I'm the president, I'll be a lil more politic
I'm chillin in the clinic
Cause dats how many nurses, I got working on my dizzick
Snakes in the grass, rats, lizards
But 'round here, snitches don't exist like wizards
Hoe this ain't punch, I'm sippin on some sizzurp
I roll a fat joint, and do my fingers like scissors
Da game so cold, I done had my share of blizzards
But now I got dat big money runnin like rivers, n_gga
I'm hear to get my sh_t straight, burner on the hip waist
Leave a n_gga street full of bones, like a fish plate
Yea, I'm from the hood, but now I'm livin in a rich way
Swear I got on my knees, and thanked God for this day
So say what you wanna say
I need to throw a cup of water in my face
1st place, I...


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