Loser (Remix) - Lil Wayne

[Lil Wayne]

the loser,
microphone abuser.
feet hurtin',
i just walked from Jerusalem..
so you should get onside, with the movement..
i'm the proof, and ill die just to prove it.
whatcha ya wanna know?
anything, whatever
i cant tell ya, i can show ya better..
me and my gun,
we took an oath together..
we swear we never die if we both together.
girl, this is my testification,
i'ma wayne on they head, like precipitation.
and in hell.. you, you need justification..
but, but for me.. it is just a vacation.
yeah, you can check my reservation..
and you'll see, the top, is my destination,
you should admire my dedication..
i'm a winner, just call me congratulations!


You can never bring me down,
cause i'm already here right now,
i-i'm a loser, i-i-i'ma loser..
but i'ma turn this ground upside down.


pray to god, [yeah]
first was lost, but now i'm found.. [found]
its like the pressure infected everybody around, [yeah]
tyga standin', demandin', my time is now! [right now]
them other clowns, puppy chow, i devour they sound. [hah]
loud or proud, further miles, farther out. [uh]
i'm at the mall showin out,
might show up in your town,
your townnn.
might show up in your town,
your townnn.
tour bus luxurious, put the jewelry on, like Mr. T..
previous, when rocky was on.. [hahaha]
i've withdrawn, with ignorance,
got too ignorant..
don't worry bout who bought it b_tch, [don't worry]
i'm so raw, it's dilirious.. [hahah]
isn't it even still ??
imagine enemies swarmin', every mornin'.. [bah]
homies fallin, his life was chosen,
leadin largest component, DEATH..
we recall him seeing lights,
but, never follow, here tomorrow,
mama don't wake up with that heart full of sorrow.. [why?]
i said i'm sorry, i'm young.. bound to get in trouble.. [i am]
i'm doin a double, just a rebel,
keepin my soul from the devil. [watch out]
man, how far from them other stars, [far]
these crooked boulevards currupted my doggs,

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