Lyrical Homicide - Lil Wayne

Game. (verse 1)-

public enemy numba 1 the flow is illegal
and these aint diesel or f_ckin evisu
these is levi's....

Lil' Wayne (verse 2)-

Ima Murder Dis sh_t
Tell Dr.Dre The beat need Surgery Quick
Weezy From The Dirty South Ya The Dirtiest B_tch
But Im Clean Like A Virgin In Detergent And Sh_t, haa
I Walk Into The Record Store Drooling
Because Its Like A Super Market To Me
And As My Appetite Gets Bigger
I See You New Rappers And You Lookin Like Dinner
Lyrical Killer
I Kill At Will
And My Flow Keep Goin Even When The Beat Stand Still
How Real Is That?
N_gga Dats Foreal
F_ck Wit Me And You Pushin Up Daffodils
So Dont You Get This Rap Twisted
F_ck Around And Get Your Cap Twisted
Stop It Right There Rewind It Back And Listen
And You Are Just Another Victim..

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