New Signees to Young Money - Lil Wayne

Man, are there new signees to Young Money?
Uhhm, yeah there are
Uhhm, you know you got, uhm Chanel West Coast
Pj Morton, junior
Uhhm, Austin Mahone
You heard me
We got [?] and [?]
They gon' kill it
Whatever they do, they gon' kill it
Shout out my daughter
Shout out lil [?]
I know how yall do
Yall stay turned
You dig
I can't forget about my daughter, my beautiful daughter
Her future is bright
Imma make sure that
Speaking of new signees
Christina Milian, to Young Money
And we got uhhm
Eureka Franklin (laugh)
Eufradis (laugh)
No, we got new [?] name Euro
But his real name is Eufradis
(laugh) so, we call him Eureka Franklin
You heard me
Or Eurpatti LaBelle
You heard me
So, either one of them you can rock with, you heard me?
As a matter of fact, [?]

[Wayne singing]
This is not a love song
This is a you song
And I'm talking to you
Eureka Franklin
Eureka Franklin

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