On Tha Block #1 - Lil Wayne

(Lil Wayne)

Hey man Im walkin on south beach the other day right u know the memorial day weekend sh_t thang, yea so, they got a n_gga come up to me wit a video camera right, and u kno muhf_ckers come up to me wit cameras every day so i dont be trippin all day every day u know wht I mean, so u got what dis n_gga ask me, yo can i battle you on camera? I was like dawg how much we gon make for dis, you really think.. f.. yo, yo for all you n_ggas thinkin yall can see me and think iss really a game cause im from the south or i dont really dont be boastin and braggin bout that flo and sh_t, dawg I got dis sh_t dawg you n_ggas think you can f_ck wit me?

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