Politician - Lil Wayne

( verse 1)

I get that money thats my top commitment, ya'll n_ggaz just talking ya'll politicians but let me get slick real quick like rick without the patch on my eye take a patch out the sky cause i'm fly. i say that alot and imma keep on thousand dollar jeans on n_gga keep goin keep walkin peace home they won't find me in my beach home, im outta reach home,i gotta speach for em,umm f_ck them and whoever know em 1. Im stepping in the convertible with a nasty ass virgo she feel my gangsta i ain't even had to game ha, but that came natural sorta like nature how i disappear when i dip in the bathroom but i be back soon f_cking with these racoons like Jackie Gleason on his Honey Moon. Wad up boo.

(verse 2)
I cooked up crack in the pot I was pissin' in, yall n_ggas just talkin yall politicians, with the wind against my back I defend any attack by any man or MEN in fact, Haah, and its like that mY impact so hard if i Die ill probably bounce right back, i walk around with a mice trap, n_ggas with cheese dont like rats and despite that i been around a few gold fish, im still a shark out the ocean, I wheel the f_ck out the 0-6-0, sittin low like im part of the car left arm so stiff yall dont know sh_t about this stuntin business, im about to teach that to all of my b_tches, but back to the business, give a motherf_cka so much coke they probably have problems with they kidney's
(verse 3)

They got hater's out there but i'm optimistic, ya'll n_ggaz ain't talkin ya'll politicians, i'm walkin what im talkin and playin what im saying and i'm stepping what im rEppin imma bout what i shout boy the loudest mouth of the south boy, i'm from the dirty dirty you can't get me out my shout boy. I gotta money clip, but like what for i tote whole stacks it can't hold that, i stick it in her back pocket make her b_tt large and pull her seven jeans down she like f_ck draws, I'm like f_ck yeah but she thought i was ignorant approached her like a gentleman her friends tryin to get with him but i already been with them, they all act the same i f_ck them all man they like synonyms i got dividends i might give a limb she see them n_ggaz im with i might give her them.

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