Preach - Lil Wayne feat 2 Chainz

With my first hundred G's bought my mom a house
B_tch don't try to s_ck my d_ck if you got cotton mouth
Watch these snitches, man these rats think they Mighty Mouse
In the kitchen, Arm & Hammer, just the right amount
Got the dope spot popping, dope spot jumping
Car parked by itself, robot stunting
And it's voice activated, I just tell it something
I ain't even got to press a b_tton
Viper with the rally stripes, I don't eat no Rally's
I don't eat my words, n_gga I don't eat no salad
I got too much on my plate, I got too much on my pallet
Never seen my car before, it's like a unicorn in traffic
Too much f_cking talent, rap Shakespeare go Hamlet
You other boys could kiss the game goodbye, be romantic
Please don't worry Nancy, all my weed is organic
If my children end up smoking, I whip they ass if they don't pass it
Hol' up , I just got a package
I let my b_tch test it, with flying colors passed it
Burning money fast, like fire on the plastic
You a dead man walking, throw some tires on your casket
They say n_ggas in wheelchairs are half dead as it is
I still keep the heat on me, attitude cavalier
Boy I think your whole clique's Summer's Eve, Massengill
Minus that seven Vagisil
Uh, and my name don't need no adjectives
And my flow don't need no adlibs
The booth the battlefield
Flag red like I'm Russian, call me Vladimir
Took a picture with the pistol, gave it rabbit ears
These n_ggas got fast careers, fast as Batmobiles
My b_tches got sex appeal, they like sex and pills
For reals, I'm sorry if you hate you
And I'm sorry for the wait too

[2 Chainz:]
Boom, It's my shot like Biloxi
Even my shadow don't trust me
Big dog in this sh_t like a husky
285, 20 pounds of musty
Stopped by the spot, had to serve Pooh bear
He buy one, I front him one, so I left two there
In a two seater, pull up popping 2Pac
Didn't have a safe, so I stashed it in my tube sock
Eat so much Benihana I need nunchucks
You just a old n_gga always saying big bruh
You a bad b_tch always saying big daddy
You a real n_gga talking 'bout you want a selfie
Uh, a baby bottle with my sh_t in
And my role model was a kingpin
I say let's work, he say let's work
Let your next work be your best work

And it's that Sorry 4 The Wait 2
And I'm so sorry for the wait too
From New Orleans to the A, TRU
You test my homies, we ace you
Tity, these n_ggas monkeys in ape suits
I got a city, got a ocean, got a lake view
She took some shots, til she shot down a grey goose
This that Sorry for the Wait Deuce

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