Private Dancer (Why I Love U) - Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne
Thats why I love u B
Now take that sh_t off

you tryin to knock me but I will not answer
Ur girl just wanna be my private dancer
And she wanna be my private chauffer
To ride that boy like a roller coaster
Get on it and Get to it
Get on it and Get to it
Girl Yeah (Do u) Girl Yeah (Do U)
Girl Bye (Do me) Girl stop

Verse 1
I got a girl from the ATL
She tell me boy stop and I tell the girl yeah
She get crunk like me to pull her hair
I pull that thang out and I be like gurl where
she reply anywhere i tell her
gurl stop gurl stop
I'm in strokers me and lil Budda
Ain't got no ones so we throw up the two


I got money on my mind
Women on my phone
F_ckin with the prince
U wanna f_ck me in the throne
She say she get hot when she see me in the coupe
Well I'm hot too baby gurl I'm soup
And we can get to whatever u gon do
You say u on 1 whatever I'm one 2
And this the truth all u female R & B divas
I got d_ck for the whole crew


Ok Im finna finna
bend her right over and stand ova her like a winner
like a winner
And then I then I
Send her home to u and I'm threw
And look at u U f_ck wit her
U crazy They call me Weezy Baby
She don't forget the baby And u don't get the baby
U crazy


So dont play wit it get straight 2 it
Cuz we dont play with it, we straight do it
we straight do it, Do it, Do it good
We straight girl, we straight hood
We eatin over here and we done ate good
I say her p_ssy okay but her face good
Baby come and spend a day with a young man
Lay up under hot boy get a sun tan
Im a one man band hit the drum plan
I got my glove on and you the punch bag
Mike tyson tats all over my face, might bite ya
and i dont even care if you tell,baby i like to
share now ya girls want some ,girl yea, girl yea,girl yea
girl yea, girl stop


Lil Wayne talk'n
This is for all of my ladies, my exotic ladies, my strippers, my f_cking strippers,I love my strippers,I love, See people dont, people don't, think of yall as, Man I always think of yall as everything.This ones for you, Get it? This ones,This ones! I love the f_cking strippers one. Better yet more ones please,Thank you.

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