Represent For The South - Lil Wayne

[Chorus: Young Jeezy (Screwed & Chopped)] [x2]
I represent for tha South
My resident is the slump
A couple golds in my mouth
Bring my dance and my charm
I'm as hot as a gets
I'm the youngest in charge
They gotta show me respect
I represent for da South

[Rick Ross:]
I'm not a slim thug, I'm a fat mack
I don't give a f_ck, I'll push ya hat back
Still sellin' dubs n_gga, that's fact
You can hit me on the cell pimp that's that
I had a pawn my chain to grab a half ounce
10 years later it's time, fo me to cash out
You dealin' wit it dope dealin' dictartor
F_ck trafficin' n_gga I get the sh_t catered
See the clip tailored, only the Gucci sh_t
I f_cks wit damon, I'm in the movies kid
My mom reminisce on a late nights
When I use the reel em in wit that straight white
Now the 617 dwellin' the big Beamer
First point cuff far from a lil' dreamer
Daddy servin' this relationships
I think momma, put 'em cuz he was makin' sh_ts


[Lil' Wayne:]
Money to be made best believe a n_gga glockin'
I run it myself like a quarterback option
I pitch her ten g's tell the b_tch to go shoppin
She buy so some clothes and she brought me back a choppa
See n_ggas tryna kick it but no I don't play soccer
I'm all about my cake'em tryna to marry a betty crocka
A package on the way you know my whip game proper
And off of one key I see seventy thousand dollas
Now I will shoot dice, smokin' on a joint
I bet wit yo gotti he hit five straight points
Though we kept hustlin, though we kept grindin
You rap bout money and a n_gga might sign you
Rap bout me and a n_gga might find you
A banana in ya ass wit yo head right behind it
Dope game b_tch, let his mom worry about him
You can holla at me, a fee


[Young Jeezy:]
Snowman b_tch (b_tch), and then I say more (more)
When you get dough a keys [?], look I got twenty more's (more's)
Look I got blood money cause n_gga I know money (money)
Now I'm on the road gettin' fifty a show money
Still sittin' on white bricks (bricks), wrapped in duck tapes (tapes)
30 minutes?, I can bake a whole cake
Got a pocket full of stacks, straight for the blocks
And? to look the stones on the watch
Iced up fell buck, ain't never had a chance
Drop sixty green, that's a hold up my pain
Still got a Chevy, spittin' grip on the Lambo [?]
Twenty carats in my ears just the show what I spit rugger [?] (hey! )


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