Seat Down Low - Lil Wayne

[Lil Wayne talking]
I like my seat down low and my window slightly
Cracked riding with a bad hoe and her girlfriend in the back.
I like to get real high and never look back and you don't wanna try me don't
I look strapped

I come from the hardest city ain't nobody f_cking with it
got a black and gold sole and a fresh new Orleans fitted,
a colared polo and a pair of bally bucks
young money motherf_cker know you worried about us
cash money motherf_cker C.M.R. I trust
Never had my jaw broken but his jaw I bust and I
Probably got you girlfriend on my bus what happened
On my bus stays on my bus and that white widow
Weed out the jar is a must if you gimme a cigar than
A cigar I bust put that white widow weed in the
Cigar and puff look ma I'm trying to make a prono
Staring us well not just us a couple foreign sl_ts
We could make the summer manal n tralling you all
And I be with Jim Jones and we be balling balling yeah
Baby we balling like rawlin and spaldin pint of DJ
Screw and that Hawaiian I am leaning like a three
Legged lion climbing right to the top of the motherf_cking mountain
counting I'm gonna need an accountant
To count it, many got this f_cking beat pounding it's
Pounding but it was just lost until I found it, found it
Stole it like a scoundrel holly grove hounded put
This b_tch to sleep f_cking right I night gowned it
N_ggas talking sh_t tell them n_ggas pipe down
B_tch bloods in the building and every body soundless
beating up the track like a motherf_cking round fist
Blind, deaf or crazy I will spit like a long kiss
I am just a martian ain't nobody else on this
Planet I know see I live by my only where my
Cheese n_gga where my macaroni baby I get up
In that ass and act a donkey candy on candy n_gga
Griping the grain see I am the only fire that can
Live in the rain I am so so new Orleans like 1825
Tulane b_tch

[Lil Wayne talking]
See you gotta be from new Orleans to know what f_ck I'm talking about

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