Selsun Blue - Lil Wayne

Get rid of the residue, get rid of all the white like Selsun Blue
It's that Sorry 4 The Wait 2
I'm so sorry, I feel terrible
Yeah, I know I keep on telling you

It's all about the Young f_ckin' Money
It's a war in these streets, I need a Humvee
The AK-47 that's my trusty
Got some tricks up my sleeves, I need some cufflinks
Oh Lord, these n_ggas soft, these n_ggas fluffy
Another one bites the dust till his gums bleed
Oh Lord, Public Enemy, Chuck D
Me with no money is like a bunny with no front teeth
F_ck me? It's f_ck you if it's f_ck me
I hit the kush, blow it out like a bum knee
Where the haters? Point 'em out and ask 'em "what's beef"
Stackin' 100 dollar bills in a scrunchie
Oh Lord, kamikaze kidnappin' killers
Screamin' f_ck the other side
She ride the d_ck, the d_ck gone kill her
Vehicular homicide, oh Lord
I'm Sorry 4 The Wait, n_gga
I'm sorry for them other guys
Lay a n_gga down, nina sing his ass a lullaby
Wave your white flag all you want b_tch, I'm colorblind
Bad b_tch with me got thunder thighs and her mother's eyes
Li-li-li-lick my lollipop like it got gum inside
Miami in the winter, Cali in the summertime
My b_tch is independent, she don't ask me for a dime
Love it when we makin' love, hate it when it's f_ckin' time
Disrespect the caterpillar, rainbow about the b_tterfly
Bullet ain't got no name, n_gga, but you could get it customized
Run up in your house undisguised, why you look surprised?
Motherf_ckers better f_ckin' hide, I feel like Mr. Hyde
Athletes still gettin' jacked like they missin' tires
Oh Lord, one of the wildest bees in my hive
I sting a b_tch and die anytime
Hate it when the f_ckin' police shut the session down
We just talkin', we just skatin', we just messin' round
Tellin' n_ggas that be hatin' we ain't messin' round
They just bark, and they just fake, and they gone settle down
We got b_tches, we got beer, we got Bobby Brown
Skatin' underneath the bridge, dead body found
Do a trick over the body, hope he smilin' down
Do a trick off of some stairs, land on solid ground
Grizzly Gang in this b_tch, check the grip tape
N_gga came on your b_tch, ooh milkshake
Chop a c_caine brick like a sensei
Break the great white down to a fish plate
Pockets on inflate
Got the yay locked down like Kim K
I been sippin' codeine since 10k
I been cussin' while I'm bussin', die motherf_ckers, oh Lord


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