She's a Ryder - Lil Wayne feat Gudda Gudda

She's a Ryda
For Me
I don't know
If you've been told
All I know
Is that you've been warned
About My Girl
She's a killa
She's bad
Oh God.
Oh My,

She's a Ryda
& she ridin for me.
She's a ryda.
Riding for me.

Yea she'll ride it like a lady in a wheel chair.
Louie V. Purse on her arm yea she got it still there.
She gonna hold me down if the Feds come and get me.
& Imma make her f_ck the judge for a lighter sentence
Yea the Devil Wears Prada B_tch and she riden for me you don't want problems b_tch
She about it b_tch and she keep it real and she owns two twin pumps like a pair of heels.
No Nicloe Richie no Paris Hilton just my gangsta boy spinnin like a ferris wheel.
Takin money and she bringin it home for me.n_gga
Yea she a rider and she rydin for me.

Now I don't know
If you've been told.
But I know
Oh I know
That You've been warned about my girl
She's a killa
She's bad
Oh God
God Damn

She's a ryda
& she rydin for me.
She's a ryda
& she rydin for me.

Shawty hold da work fo me.
Shawty hold ma gun fo me.
Shawty take Daddy D_ck
Shawty Never run from me.
Shawty know what I like.
But Shawty do it how I love it. [x2]
Shawty hold me down when all da b_tches wasn't.
Shawty never argued bout b_tch or nothin
Shawty know she numba one.
F_ck dem otha b_tches numba.

She's a Ryda
& She Rydin with Me

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