Shine - Lil Wayne feat Baby, Hot Boys

What, wha, wha, wha, wha
What, wha, wha, wha, wha
Cash Mo-ney Millionairs
So take it there

Yellow Viper, yellow Hummer, Yellow Benz
Yellow PT Cruiser, yellow 'Lac on rims
Drop yellow 'Vette and a platinum Rolls Royce
That's seven different cars, everyday I got a choice
On my way to pick up Joyce, she be makin me moist
Givin me head while she hummin, she can play with her voice
And she got nice thighs, a big plump ass
She could ride a d_ck too, make me come fast
I like them modelin b_tches, I love them swallowin b_tches
Where them hoes, there they at, I'm 'bout to follow them b_tches (let's go)
I know you with your folks, but that n_gga is broke
You might as well open your legs up and let a n_gga poke
I'm a show you what it is not to be a window shopper
Mama you can have fifty, mama you can have platinum
All you gotta do is break a n_gga off proper
You could be with your man, I ain't tryna stop ya

(Shine), from my head down to my shoes
(Shine), skiiiiirtin on twenty-two's
(Shine), check my baby mama
(Shine), whip Rover's not Honda's
(Shine), I'm a spend it 'til it's gone
(Shine), don't know when I'm comin home
(Shine), pop X and drank Cris'
(Shine), My life is the sh_t

[Lil' Wayne]
It be me, fire Wayne, ice and change
You can catch me in an acqua Range, squattin things
With them twenty-two inch chopper blades
Diamond face, diamond brace
More colors than the game Simon Says
Go, 'hind me
And mami on forty-fifth she told me "I'm a last"
But she ain't like to much of this
But get to bobbin it's head, and so I took it anyway
But b_tch I got family get your p_ssy anyway
OK, let's talk about this ice that I'm carryin
All these karats like I'm a f_ckin vegetarian
N_ggas play, I bury them, y'all already knowin
I threw up my arm and b_tches thought it started snowin
See I'm a keep it goin, Big Tymin, you heard's me?
Dog I got cake like everyday my birthday
Wait, don't think they heard me
I say dog I got cake like everyday my birthday


I'm a Hot Boy, that's name brand and top of the line
Ride fly daily, all year 'round I shine
Ain't a n_gga and they mama gonna stop me dog
Come through on dub-dueces, they jock me dog
Glock cocked for haters tryna block me dog
Catch 'em so low, they geezy, don't shock me dog
Well get the f_ck, slide on out the way
And let B.G. ease down the shinin linen
Let the diamonds and the jewelry light sh_t up
Each piece of jewelry I own, I ice it up
You don't wanna put your vehicle next to us
'Cause all of our vehicles, we dress 'em up
With television, Dreamcast, DVDs
Nice sounds, b_ttons, it's twenties
I'm a Cash Money Hot Big Tymer n_gga
That'll hold a pinky finger up and blind ya n_gga


I'm a stunt 'til I die, so you better respect it
'Cause whoever try testin is gonna be restin
I'm a young millionaire, Hot Boy, Lil' Turk
Bling blingin everyday, plus I got work (bling)
N_gga like me stay in the cut twenty-four/seven
Steady stackin my ends on dubs, twenty-four/seven
Every car you wish you had, we got it, we got it
Bentleys, Hummers and Jags, big bodies, big bodies
Love to floss, no secret stun'ner's
N_ggas steady baller block, can't take nothin from us
Young n_gga, livin a life surrounded by ice
Hoes be like, "Damn, them boys, they're nothin nice"
They on fire, that must be them Hot Boys
You muthaf_ckin right, you think this not girl?
Better think twice, get it right dog
Know you recognize, we got it on lock for all

[Chorus 2x]
[Baby talking to fade]

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