Shit - Lil Wayne

I'm so sorry, so sorry
This, this that Sorry 4 The Wait 2, and I'm so sorry

Sorry 4 The Wait, n_gga, Glock 40 for them fake n_ggas
Throw a party everyday, n_gga, that's an ordinary day, n_gga
Bad b_tch in mi casa, no mi casa su casa
My choppa go doom da-da dai-yai-yai-yada

Tunechi, b_tch, on my Future sh_t, I'm too legit
I sleep on a crucifix
I wake up cranky and turn into a lunatic
Then shoot my b_tch behind orange juice and grits
Uzi clip, I need another uzi clip, I shoot to kill
These p_ssy n_ggas shooting bricks
I'm too for real, your head just a souvenir
She wanna get it off her chest, but her boobs too big
I'm bumping Carter 5 on a iPod
My b_tch mad as hell cause' it ain't out yet
She said soon as these n_ggas hear your new sh_t
They going have to give they styles back
I say "you too cray", she said "you too humble"
I say "you too, bae", she said "you too sweet"
Then I asked her do she go both ways
She say "they do say love is a two way street"
I said "oooh", talk dirty, talk dirty, dirty, talk dirty to me
Treat that girl like cuisine, she gon' wanna shoot scenes
Put my d_ck in museum, I'm gon' die on my feet
Never knees in the dirt, never dirt on my knees
I'm just serving these fiends
Sell birds to the bees, I sell birds to the trees
Tune, I heard you don't sleep, I'm allergic to dreams
I don't twerk, but I tweak for that purple, that pink
Yeah, you see what I'm saying like you heard what you see
I'm a verbal disease, I'm allergic to me
Been a turd on these streets since my curtains was sheets
Chef on these beats, I'm just stirring the grease
That b_tch you in love with, she working for me
I personally get you murdered this week
Like that blunt between my too fingers I'm at peace, word
I smirk when I squeeze, trigga smart, street smart
I'm a nerd, I'm a geek, I'm absurd, I'm unique
Did my time in Cash Money, time served and released
But this agent ain't free, word, that's the word on these streets
But that sh_t is old news, that sh_t is so yesterweek
I'm just focused, focused on my expertise
They like "Tunechi, you good?" I'm like "Bob, yessiree"
Now don't, I mean don't, don't question me, let me breathe
Dog, big dog, I cock back and shoot at you fleas
Money long, tree trunk, now stand under me, catch these leaves
I guarantee no guarantees, but repeat what you heard
You a dead parakeet
It's Tunechi, b_tch, yo, b_tch, Tunechi, b_tch
I f_ck her on my balcony, we watch the moon eclipse
We do unusual sh_t, she gonna need lube for this
Cause' I'mma stick it in her maximus gluteus
We at the top of the world, she like the view and sh_t
From up here everybody look the puniest
The coke got her all exuberant, she doing lines like a movie script But these are true events, lord
I'll kill a n_gga right now, I'll put a n_gga lights out
Then put his body in a ice box with holes in his body like socks
These n_ggas softer than, these n_ggas softer then nylon
So keep my name out your mouth, I hope it taste like cayenne
Looking up at the skyline
I'm thinking to my f_cking self, you only live twice, slime
And motherf_ck you if you fight crime
I'm from a place where the high crime rate like Iran
We put yo ass on Nightline. I'm on the grass like a python
These n_ggas looking at me, these n_ggas looking at me sideways
That's because they on the sideline, but they never try mine
Spittin' like I'm sipping cyanide while my b_tch sip on mai tai
But she wine fine, and I'm so sorry, she said "don't be sorry"
Then she said "don't apologize for sh_t cause you the sh_t
And we know Tha Carter 5 the sh_t, woah"



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