SportsCenter - Lil Wayne

Cover my tracks like b_tter so where da bread be
I see beef as dead meat
Who dat, the president yea me,
no one scare me
And you ain't gotta double dare me, hear me
Loud and clearly, rats aren't near me
Wire tap n_ggas get blood in the earpiece
I'm from New Orleans, nowhere near peace
Pure beast,
fear free,
dear grief
Catch up b_tch, I'm in gear three,
see ya,
drop one finger
F_ck a man whoever made him
I will hurt whoever love him cause I hate him
Looking for a lady, high and sedated
Got her to the pad I don't know a n_gga made it
She gave me relations so now we related
The morning comes, the picture faded
I'm waited on my turn to burn, can I get a light
Little dog, bigger bike
Jackson 5, Little Mike
Can I get a mic or a mic and a half
Thank the source owner, shoutout to the editors staff
I'm all grown so much better with math
I'm need a spread in the Forbes taking a benjamin bath
I'm servin this track like Steffen Graph
Roger Federer, there's no competitors
N_ggas know my rhetoric, b_tch know my preference
Young GOD baby all you other n_ggas reverends
Sittin in my big house, surrounded by my weaponry
I keep them away like I got leprosy
Chopper right next to me, loaded up with Pepper seeds
Got an extra clip but that's only for my especially's
This is especially for you,
disrespect a n_gga game, what kinda referee is you?
Swallow ya whistle, make a n_gga ride with the pistol
Cause the fakest n_ggas ride with the pistol
Even if I die old, I'ma die with the pistol
If you stand over my body, I'll probably kill you
Not really, Weezy da realest
I wear a lot of bathin ape cause I be with gorillas
He what they talkin bout, topic of the
Product of determination
Stop playin you are not up in my situation
I get money like a caucasian
The car red so the car cajun, stop hatin
Ya'll ballers I'ma sports agent
Wait a minute, let me translate it
It's Weezy, not the fatha' motherf_ckin baby

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