Street Life - Lil Wayne

(I play the street life
Because theres no place I can go
street life
its the only life I know)

Come home and your daddy go to work(go to work)
Three phones
and my pagers go beserk (go beserk)
I'm talkin birds
like dooney and bourke
I'm talkin work
enough to make you a clerk
Rebel Bass,hard plate,big spoons
that wiff like the block hotter than mid june
Early july,I'm early like the bird that fly
Even Martin got a piece of that pie
I'm Eddie Murphy, laugh at ******, throw the piece in the sky
Drop the top on the merchy and make streets with my top
Make it dance like Percy,
kids stay on the sidewalk,
used to stash weed in my momma's Buic Skylark,
I talk only 'bout prices,
negotiation rule the nation ,
**** the police station,
And if you got any association,
then,murder all close relations
Street Life uh uh

Grocery bags on the counter
no grocery store
couldn't fit a half a meal in the Gucci tote
Hit the lights
watch the roaches say "Good Night"
Spark twice, say "Good Bye" to the Mice
Cook nice for the little bit of slice
And watch them jokers put that fire to that ice
Sure as that dog's tail wag, it will bite
Man,I'm just tryna get my scratch on these lice
When I was younger,I had a flag on my bike
And then I went and got them mags on my bike
Momma,don't wait up for me,
I lost a bundle a money from the cops
Gotta get that make-up money (Hey!)
I say I gotta get into they lunch money
I say I gotta get into they lunch money

Its Hollygrove,till the bury me cold
Whos to say if they gon' bury me old?
I live that street life.
uh uh

Back to the struggle,
Born trouble,
Like tryin to find strength in a torn muscle
Young as scum,
Daddy gone,
Boy young and running streets 'till he pull a gun
Hoodilum of all black hoody on
Talibon strap with a gat like a bomb
Red storm,hankercheif hat on
**** around and them bees swarm
Bee Gone
Better know which street you on
Won't you come on Eagle,
Are you Evil Kineval? (Ha Ha)
Crackheads got bikes and pistols
now run up on that crackhead and fight the pistol
This is the street
Nigguh eat
where the bird don't tweet
the birds grow cheap
and nigguhs dont sleep
You may have heard of MLK
But I know a gang of ****** with they own street
The street life
uh uh

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