SuperHead Diss - Lil Wayne

Yea Umm Im going in
Drizzy I got Ya
This is my promise
Imma bring them barrels to them b_tches
I admine us
And what I make up will f_ck up ya skin
I pick da buck up and buck buck and buck buck again
I will b_ttf_ck ya friend then s_ck up her twin
I put the buck him then buck buck and buck buck again
S_ck nut and duckf_ck yo unloving kin
now don't rub it in
Like lubriderm on a new tatoo I had to
kick my princess up out my castle
Dad who?
Never had that boo
always had a black tube
even when I was at school cuz bullies aren't bulletproof
Red scarf hoodie too
Prolly ain't has hood as you
stupid muthaf_cka da only thing in da hood is u
I do everything good as you no I do everythang better
I get paid for every letter a,b,c, etcetera
Fetch a bone Like a dog muthaf_cka i am going for yo neck in the set
and in the set bring it back like work in a trunk
and my exit coming up
yo i am heade to the buck like
buck buck again my fly to LA and just f_ck karren
Naw I f_cked Karren
lets get bucks again
then f_cking spend them bucks again
and just f_ck Karren
If I told you Imma do it I did it
Got my city on my fitted papa papa lets get it
Lets get it muthatf_cka
what u waitin on
It is bout a minute passed pissed and Im about to get sh_tty
Im rally if money is the it you won't be with and I prolly just spit on the chick you won't be with
and I hang up on this b_tch like im the only thick
and I own hip hop if you don't spit I will evict
and I just sold a lotta property to a buyer and think his name was kinda like Drake "Drizzy" Rogers or "Drizzy" Drake Rogers
Im to busy to play father
and when it comes to the game Im to willing to play harder
so harder I go
There he goes
They chant mvp when I shoot a free throw
CEO Jazz what it do
Haters run their face and then their ass is a shoe
Faster than you
Badder Than You
Radder Than you
I told I get paid by the letter like: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
yes he rocks and me and Drizzy both wrote on Detox
That was just a footnote
How long could he could go wonderin when the he stops
B_tch when the beat stops
so Imma keep rockin til the sheep rotten
and then the heat I send burns skin

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