We Ready - Lil Wayne

we ready, aha. we ready, muh N****
I come through like "move, b_tch, git out the way"
Before i pull this glock out and stick it in yo face
a young wild N**** will crack a smile N****
i pull it out and start bustin in a crowd, N****
and i do it fo muh gangsta N****S
don't give a f_ck runnin the club and bang a N****
and look i keep it gangsta on the regular
stay in your place cuz i'm 10 steps ahead of ya.
Snitch, rat, and mother f_ckers callin federals
git the f_ck out my way dat's whatcha betta do
i'll have the Barretta leave that lead up in your sweatah
and hang your stupid ass dead up in the wood
i'm so hood, dude
'got that Escalade ridin 22 shoes
you runnin with the squad, N****
we've got clash crew, b_tch, we bad news
stay in yo kitchens, lil N****S we gon slash you
git out our pay young money's in the cash route
i'm on the enervy, Twizzy blowin' past you
it's that young slim hot yellow bad dude
get at me, get at me, WEEZY BABY
I'm a G-A-N-G-STER
take it to the streets, say when he's scurrrred
T- streets slimmin see ya makin Z scurrred
feet feet gone lace the weed with the syrup
Weezy, Don of the squad, N**** bow down
excuse yourself from the table, we 'bout to chow down
We bust up in this b_tch with our smiles down
oh how wow glock glock fo fo pow pow
we've got a lion in the engine with a loud growl
little kids and pets run from the ROW ROW
say ROW we 'bout to bring it back to our town
man, sh_t bout to go down, down, super got that ground now
and little snacky's got the pounds now
loaded, we've got money from the flo' to the ceilin
homey talkin slick, we've got money on the flow
we bout to kill em with money i'mma throw it i'm bout to win it
weezy out

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