Weezy is So Fly - Lil Wayne

Wheezy is so fly in any weather
Hold up pt pt
There go a feather
Yall n_ggas aint even shoulder level
And i aint on hova level im overleveled
Im watchin tv with Regina and Angela
Im on they brain like some mother f_ckin antlers
Yea shake somethin like dancers
Question my swag and get a mother f_ckin answer
Wheezy AKA bring ya girl to my tour bus
She aint gettin off unless she gettin off two of us
Dont give me that cup unless that f_ckin cupped poured up
And when i say poured up i mean with syrup
Young money balla
I deserve a tall b_tch
And if these walls could talk they aint talkin about yall sh_t
Man i swear im so fly
I wake up out the sky and wipe the cloud out my eye

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