Welcome To Tha Concrete Jungle - Lil Wayne feat Juelz Santana

[Juelz Santana]
weezy holla me

[Hook - Juelz Santana]
welcome to the concrete jungle
got snakes, got bears, got lions no muzzles
and they all tryin to cause me trouble
got the big tre-8 long nose no muzzle [x2]

[Verse 1 - Juelz Santana]
back up off me shorty..if not, surely
that piece'll come off me shortly
my hood breed ganstaz boy
You wanna be down lets see now no thank you boy
my n_ggaz'll fish fillet you boy
than go and tell ya moms to get the paper boy
ya son is just no longer just a paper boy
he's front page on the paper boy
read about him
extra extra read about it
but we get twisted laugh and smoke weed about it
and can't nobody do a thing about it
Cause they'll be in the same boat
literally the same boat
floatin across the same sea
thru the same water
Don't f_ck wit them same G's
Don't f_ck wit that man please
Don't f_ck wit his money
Don't f_ck wit his gang breed

[Verse 2 - Lil Wayne]
aim squeeze wayne be on the back street
shotty on the back seat f_ck 'em if you ask me
make 'em look but them n_ggaz can't look past me
pass the weed to the next n_gga
That's me let's see P E N C A M G
21 inches and I got them b_tches skindy
temp me and any thing can happen I ain't rappin
I ain't aimin at you soldiers b_tch I'm goin for the captin
I ain't shootin at ya shoulders b_tch I'm goin for ya cappin
I won't stop cappin to ya wings start flappin
and you, you just angel in the streets full of gangtas and
me I'm from the home where murder make ya famous and
I think I'm bouts 2 get that trench off the hanger
and the mask out the drawer but I neva hide the banger
I'm a, straight playa if you love her don't bring her
I'll tell her lil sh_t like I can make her ass a singer
and she, believe that we back at the crib
she like, how it shoot if its plastic foreal
I'm like, fall back ma ya ass can get chilled
then she rolled on my d_ck like an ecstasy pill
I smoke beverly hills wuteva that kills
and leave a n_gga wit that heavenly feel yeah
step and I will step in ya grill yeah
and leave a n_gga wit that heavenly field yeah

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