Workin Em - Lil Wayne

That's why ya b_tch want a real n_gga like me x2
She wanna give that p_ssy to a n_gga like me x2
I be pimpin' them hoes x4
I be workin' them b_tches x4

Weezy F Baby, the mothaf_ckin' Carter
b_tches on my stick but my name ain't Harry Potter
in fact I'm very hotter, your girl say the same
and since we like to travel, she let us run a train
and my defense put me in the hall of fame
I make her turn over every time we play the game
my boy Wayne ask them n_ggas how I came
in a Ferrari, Jaguar switchin' both lanes
livin' room and a kitchen on the plane, I get from A to B so
comfortably, ahh
do my thing yall n_ggas so plain, so fly call me soul plane


To him I'm a killer, to her I'm a lover
I always wear a mask and I always wear a rubber
yeah I'm from the hood, but my crib in the suburbs
they love a n_gga vibe so that's why I got the cover
my n_gga Mac Maine's like a brother from another
we from the same hood, we would kill a motherf_cker
we eat yo n_ggas lunch and to b_tches I'm supper
she asked me to go down I'm like as long as I f_ck her
I wear a lot of diamonds, see baby I'm a stunner
so ride a n_gga d_ck ah baby bare hummer
and homie you can have her, cus I don't really want her
you put that d_ck in her, I put that d_ck on her


I'm hotter than fire, she wetter than a b_tch
these n_ggas really p_ssy, I'm harder than my d_ck
I show too much love for you to be a hater
not home everyday but I'm gettin' my paper
I know what's goin on, cus I'm the creater
and since I'm so early, I'll holla at em later
I sound like sex coming through the faders
b_tch, I'm the president, not the mayor


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