Cake - Lil Wyte

Everytime i turn around
Baby i need this, baby i need that
Man im like b_tch I cant give you sh_t, i cant give you shat
I cant give you nothin, i cant f_ck with yo period
I can let you s_ck my d_ck tho

[Verse 1]
Bill folds of 20s
Bank rolls of 100s
Body bags of 50s
Yeah im out here gettin money
Theres too many ways to get it if you jokin it aint funny
If you hatin cause i got it you a god damn dummy
Put yo brain in some books and quit
Worryin bout these hoes
Either get a 9 to 5 quick and start sellin dro
Life dont get crazier than this, Im tellin you because i know
I aint always had cheese i used to be very broke
Thats when i realized i could flow and i jumped up on the track
I was only 17 a studio is all i lacked
Now im 24 and got currency by the stack
M town reppa liquor sippa and the souths on my back

[Chorus 3x]

I got that cake, I got that cake
These s_ckas see me out here flossin and they hate

[Verse 2]
Its 420 in the mornin and we still up
Drinkin, rappin, makin tracks, trynna get these bucks
We gon get it even if it kill us yes we are
How you think we afford this candy paint on all these cars
Gotta crib here in Memphis across the street from the green
I can watch a golf game on my porch and smoke weed
What you think about that, i be ballin you know me
Get a lot of cake er'ry year thanks to H.C.P.
I done made it to the top
Now im flossin and they hate
This one year gon make me a millionaire and i cant wait
I be doin what i do so good lil pimpin cant quit
Im gon get the doe regardless so you haters aint sh_t


[Verse 3]
200 and 15 diamons on me at all times
They aint huge but in the day light these b_tches shine
Got a bad motherf_ckin b_tch cookin up steak
She aint worried bout sh_t cause she know i get that cake
If i come through your hood ill be comin with my boys
All our guns weigh a ton and our trucks makin noise
We aint got no time to be f_ckin round with these hoes
We gotta get it get it quick and thats the way the game goes
I be puffin on some dro, i be sippin on some crown
Im the caucasion persuasion and i stay puttin it down
If you wanna 16 its gon cost ya 16
Not hundreds, thats gs and im gon need a pint of lean


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