Get High to This - Lil Wyte feat Hypnotize Camp Posse

[Intro: DJ Paul]
yea-yea Chuch ya'khamsayn
Once again it's on baby, y'all know what time it is
I know it'sa shame ya'khamsayn,
You gatta actually killa a mothaf_cka out here
Just ta let a n_gga now you ain't playin' with him
And you ain't bullsh_ttin' - yea that's some knowledge fa y'all
Na'...we gon' get y'all inta this new artist
His new ass - Lil' Wyte, this boy raw...

[Chorus 8x - (DJ Paul) plays in the background]
Get high to this sh_t - I'm high as a mothaf_cka

[DJ Paul]
Alotta rappers rap gangsta sh_t but they ain't did nothing
DJ Paul - Lord Inf'...Crunchy Blac fa real bussen
We done rolled down on n_ggaz, we done let them gats burst
We done seen n_ggaz blood leak clean through they shirt
I ain't lying too ya boys when I said that cha'll get did
Man I keep me some hungry n_ggaz ready ta spit the wig
Of a fake solid n_gga, hoes lying in they wraps
Cuz they never shot guns and they never had ta scrap

[Juicy J]
He wore a vest so we shot him in the neck
Made his body cold left from red and wet
Body curved up like a cornrow
Police on the set, I'm a vet from the North - North
Pack a rusty tec in the Lex' plus a sawed-off
Hard makin' money when you watching for the ro-bbe-rers
Narcotics and these hoodrats - nut go-ba-lers
They'd take a shot at 'cha, put you in tha hospita'
Leave you left fa dead, and they tell ya I'ma halla at ya

[Crunchy Blac]
Here I go again, try'na keep my mothaf_ckin' ass thin
N_ggaz halla friends, but they fake friends
I'ma n_gga halla "mothaf_ck friends"
Torn up in my mothaf_ckin' right hand
I'ma 'bouta go and f_ckin' rob a man
Just so I can keep my f_ckin' family fed
F_ck what'cha heard this is what I said
Bust out some shots at ya f_ckin' head

I'ma meet you pockin' b_tches, whoppin' n_ggaz wit' my pistol
In my yard they discovered, dead I'm out here out makin' missles
This is war when you f_ckin' wit' LaChat - b_tch y'aint know
Get 'cho posee out becuz we comin' 20 deep hoe
Didn't you need ta know that all that talk can get you f_cked up
Hoe this ain't no game - that you playing you get bucked up
I'ont give a f_ck who you is, who you in too
You wont touch a b_tch, ha who me b_tch - but I'll kill you

[Frayser Boy]
A crooked as a barrell of snakes
F_ck with the real not fake
I represent the Bay - so ain't no need ta hate
I'm counting tones and spray
I'll blow your crean away
This HCP don't play - won't see anotha day
Y'kno we Hyp-notize, can see it in your eyes
This Frayser Boy - no lie
Inhalin' dro - so fine
Y'kno we toppin' a poun'
And still we stompin' your smile
No need ta copy our styles
What chain't been popped in a while

[Lil' Wyte]
No more f_ckin' around by now I'm fed up
I see your face has a frown - gatta keep your head up
Cuz when you f_ck wit' this camp - let's say you messed up
They told you in the beginning - don't try ta test us
The day Lil' Wyte hooked up with the 6 - the sh_t was all she wrote
Y'kno these lyrics be burnin' - blisters deep in my throat
This sh_t be hotter than lava laying a hault in yo saga
Adding some Pippen ta b_tches get at me weaker than water
This is the start of a problem thats lackin' a solution
You graduated with honors - ta sell out institution
And this for all the rappers that got kicked up out this camp
I stole your plate when back fa seconds - +How U Luvin' That?+
This is my mothaf_ckin' posee song - Wheres Jerome?
Instead of gettin' up out yo sh_t - you stayed ya ass at home
Potential lurking fa certain - I know you feel it hurt
If they knew b_tchin' came wit' ya - you coulda kept ya verse
B_tch doubt me now

[Chorus 8x - (DJ Paul)]

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