My Cutlass - Lil Wyte

2 door cut with flippy flop on the paint
Looking like a bag of skittles that will make you wan't to faint
Eyes cocked ass drop when pulled up on the set
People scared to touch my car like they might fall in and get wet
I can't keep my whip in sun for so long cause it might melt like a pack
Of star burst on a summer day sitting on the shelf
I got to get her out
Get her high
Take her out for a ride
Hopefully tonight I won't commit vehicular homicide
My cutless is clean as a f_ckin whistle
Paul, and Juicy both told me I better pack pistols
Pistols plural for the one's of those who do not know
I gon let these b_tches rip the bay and try to take my hoe

[Chorus - 2X]
2 door cut with flip the flop like (ridin down the street smokin weed getting high)
2 door cut with flip the flop like (woooooooooooo man that fool clean)

Cheech and chong up in smoke and dice on mirria
2007 Cadillac space age interior
4 Pioneers 4 ways across the back dash
4 12's when I come thru I'm gon break glass
And thats just the beginning
I ain't got into the engine
F_ckin with gray steerin wheels I'm gripin white pearl pimpin
It's on Italian leather just as icey as my soljas
Pictured on the white pearl gas pedal believe I told ya
And ain't doja on me when I ride make me a blunt
Ain't tryin to be nobodies police when I creep the cut
They got enough on me already they don't need my car
If they won't me so bad they can find me standin in my yard

[Chorus - 2X]

It's time to talk about the muscle in this perfect creation
Brand new Chevy block and it's chromed out Edelbrock carburation
A set of double hard heads shift kit and a cam
Flowed out with a pair of dogs hanging out the ass
Brain gon and my hair blowin doin a buck 4
Wow hoe if you in the road
Better move yo ass out the path fast
Before yo ass have to feel
20 inch spinner and 22 hundred pounds of steel
I'm a good driver but can get reckless on purple leana
Pedal to the metal might hit ya and never even seen ya
Take my word I put 15 G's into this Olds
I'm gon flick this b_tch and figurer out how to drop off 20 more

[Chorus - 4X]

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