Players in Da Atmosphere - Lil Wyte feat Three 6 Mafia

[DJ Paul talking]
Hypnotize Minds presents
Lil Wyte with Three 6 Mafia

OOHHHH! It some hoes in here
It must be some players in the atmosphere
I say OOHHHH! It some hoes in here
It must be some players in the atmosphere
Now back da f_ck back (un huh)
Back da f_ck (un huh) back da f_ck back (un huh)
Back da f_ck back (un huh)
Now back da f_ck back (un huh) back da back (un huh)
Back da f_ck back (un huh) back da f_ck back (un huh)

[Lil Wyte]
Strolling in the club VIP automatically
First three drinks are free as long as I get the bartender some green
Walk back to my seat hoes are peeping me constantly
Could it be the fact that I'm Wyte or I f_cked off with the three
Watch the pudding hit the flow up and down the pudding go
All around the room there's pudding clubs about to overflow
Holla at La Thunderoe tell him to put off some clothes
Get down to the club it's crunk as f_ck I know he'll pull some hoes
Bottles popping everywhere too much dro is in the air
Vision blurry from the crown and club and I don't really care
All I need is another drank and mix there I'll have the bite
XTC and long island iced tea will help a forgetless nite
Damn lil momma super tight and all of her friends are looking bright
All we need is a lil' more x and a hotel room and a bag of lite
A greeny is to living life burning by the laughish layers
I know if I plenty these hoes when ever it comes crowded with some players


[DJ Paul talking]
Yea Hypnotize Minds we gone keep it gangsta
Represent thugs and thugetts 3-6

[DJ Paul]
Maine I wish I can buy you boys what you really worth
Turn around and sell you what you thank you worth
I be a bail n_gga but to ad you wouldn't sell n_gga
Cause you a flodgin wants so bad to be a well n_gga
You swear on everything you pulled a millionaire lick
Fall up in the club with jewels or prudes and sh_t
I ain't gotta brag on how much money I got
I make music for rich ass posts and that's that

[Juicy J]
I can make that thang wet like a sponge bob
Wishin that she present I be standing man that's so hard
We got all the haters in the club and they be so large
Baby moma's all over ya boy so they be so hot
I'm nothing like that emcee but the ladies call me Hammerer
When I'm in the Vet they say I'm known to be the Damager
Juicy J the couple hour bangin bangin Standarler
And I don't pump no hoes off up in my rubber like you Scavengers


[Lil Wyte]
Is there no parkin the club still poppin the party ain't stopping
Juicy got some hoes from North North the toppin
Topless they rockin concerned about yo pockets
Knowin the character poppin they eyes up out they sockets
Watch them they sneaky I compare them to slinkies
Stretch a hoe as far as she can go and she get more pinky
Believe me I done been through it with these hoes
And only 20 years old I see more than that I behold
And ain't got sh_t for these face pretty faces and straight bodies
That be them b_tches actin all ignorant ruining the party
I need a ride or die all on my side that's always down to smoke
When it's time to f_ck I want her clothes to beat mines to the floor
Take me by surprise make sure I keep my eyes on the prize
Extra sweet southern style can't wait to get between them thighs
C'mon baby let's go hit the room I know you won't regret
Check out early leave the mattress soakin in a pool of sweat


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