Possie Song - Lil Wyte feat H.C.P.

[Lil Wyte - Talking]
Wassup with y'all?
I'ma take this time right now, to thank the men, Paul and Juicy
for making all this possible you know what I'm sayin'?
When you comin' from the bay, alot of things don't seem like they can't happen in life
You just gotta put effort into it, you know what I'm sayin'?
H.C.P we fixin' to rock this, we did it again, you know what I'm sayin'?

[Crunchy Blac]
Let me tell you a lil' somethin' real
Around here a n_gga tryina get them a meal
Climb that hill like jack and jill
But when I need to climb a n_gga still keep it real
F_ck they way you other n_gga feel
I'ma put a bullet in ya ass fo real
So push on n_gga cause you'll never get a deal
F_ckin' with us yeah you'll get cha self killed
Get cha self killed

[Fraysier Boy]
S_ckers run up to get beat down
Never in the public unless I got my f_cking heat round
N_ggaz got some problems leave you b_tches underneath ground
Oh no you n_ggaz didn't think a muthaf_cka weak now
N_ggaz tryina chill I ain't with that f_ckin' cross sh_t
Fraysier Boy'll leave yo p_ssy ass in the trunk b_tch
Hypnotize Minds muthaf_cka ya we done this
Prayin' I don't have to kill a n_gga over dumb sh_t

[Lord Infamous]
Lord Infamous the mercendary lethal lyrical butcher
Mafia so general gang member and pusher
Livin' legend in Memphis hood project is slum
Fresh hit a (blay) then you hear the spray from the tommy gun
Body goes numb and ya eye lids close
From the lead over dose when I split cha kinda low
Cause my trigger finger only do nothing but squeeze
I'ma shoot ya b_tch ass everywhere but under your feet

[DJ Paul]
I swear alot of n_ggaz blame me for sh_t I ain't got sh_t to do with
N_gga show it and prove it
I always heard my CD wasn't big enough for a royce
but I ain't believe until we bought a couple of them hoes
When you was style you gotta watch what you do
Cause n_ggaz look for the smallest reasons to point fingers at you
They want so bad for somebody to come up over the 6
You better hurry up boy I'm 20 years in this sh_t, B_TCH

[Juicy J]
Juicy J yes I'm that n_gga
Smokin' all the weed and I'm drankin' all the liquor
A n_gga always strapped I gots to get mine
N_gga tell yo b_tch quit waistin' my time
F_ck these wanna be thugs ain't never did crime
N_gga workin' for the feds and droppin' them dimes
I don't f_ck with you b_tches don't mess with yo kind
You can stay on yo corner and sniff on yo line (NIQQA)

[DJ Paul - Talking]
You better hurry the f_ck up if your going to do what I did n_gga
Plaqs all over the muthaf_ckin' place, movies
uthaf_ckin' houses every muthaf_ckin' where
You better hurry up
And to you b_tch ass n_ggaz supporting them you better
super muthaf_ckin' hurry up and help these n_ggaz out
Cause when somebody do take my muthaf_ckin' place
you muthaf_ckas going to be to muthaf_ckin' old to see it b_tch
hurry the f_ck up n_gga

[Lil Wyte]
I woke up early to see the sunrise right across from outta of my eyes
Let me see these haters clearly whenever I stop down the drive by
I am a dramatic, most static addict, a rehab with automatic
doubt me now I made it, phinally phamouse bout to let you have it
This is not a game kin fold game not playin' with ya
Gotta brang the slangs ?? ain't gone paint yo picture
Some of the story we can tell it's just bout a communication
The sh_t you take turn the head all over the nation
I been waitin' for vacations and the money that I'm makin'
Muthaf_ckas hatin' now that I'm on they times
Waisted I'ma do it for the bay and for my children and the war
And let these non believers know that we all been here before
Reality don't exsist like ?? dream, quote, Johnny Wide miss him bad may he rest in peace
A livin' legend is what ya lookin' at and will now crown
If nobody else does I will make sure Memphis is standing out

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