Dirty Mouth - Lil Yachty

Man, I'm on some sh_t right now
I'm on some, some, some rich n_gga sh_t
Some millionaire sh_t
'Cause lot of these n_ggas is p_ssy, broke
These n_ggas is not doing what they pretend to be
S_ck my d_ck, b_tch

I don't really care about my enemies
My new crib came with amenities
You gotta pay for my energy
You gotta pay for my ohh, ehh
Don't make me pop up the trunk
Don't make me two hand the pump
Don't make me call up my bro
Pull up in that junk and go dump, dump, dump
I dress so these n_ggas to see me
I know your lil' bro wanna be me
I know your lil' sister wanna freak me
That's probably why you wanna shoot me
That's why your auntie is a groupie
Send me pictures of her coochie
She said they nicknamed her juicy
'Cause she keep a wet p_ssy
P_ssy n_gga don't push me
I pull up deep, not just me
I brought a brand new chain
That sh_t dance like N-Sync, Justin
I saw your Rolex, brother
That bullsh_t started rustin'
None of you n_ggas impress me
None of you n_ggas would press me
I get more p_ssy than Preston
My n_ggas bang red paisley, that's for real
I made a full million off my deal
I made a full 5 out the next
Stupid b_tch tried to front on my name
I screenshoted every single text
B_tch I bite like a T-Rex
My future b_tch look better than my next
My next b_tch look like a top model
She s_ck d_ck like a baby bottle

I'ma tell you like this, man
Youngest n_gga in this motherf_cker, man
I'm not askin' for your respect
I give a f_ck if you f_ck with me, n_gga
I got M's, n_gga
I'm talkin' 'bout the letter before N, n_gga
M's, b_tch boy

I didn't ask for respect, no
All I care about it my check
Louis Vuitton on my sneakers
My main b_tch a diva, she is a d_ck pleaser
Uh, I never miss like I'm Curry
Yeah, can't eat that p_ssy if it's furry
My b_tch p_ssy pink just like Kirby
My b_tch s_ck it up just like Kirby
She drives whips like it's Kentucky Derby
She tote pistols so no one can hurt me
Don't even try it though
I hit your mama at the Hyatt House
Then I offered her Waffle House
That b_tch could never see my penthouse
Sh_t that's just a fact
I nutted all on her back
I nutted all on her tracks
Slid my black card through her cracks
Nasty young n_gga, I'm all in it
Posted on the block in a ball fitted
Posted on the block with the same n_ggas
I got that guap and it change n_ggas
Rappin' ass n_ggas love Dracos
I love the AR 'cause its range different
Ain't supposed to talk about guns
'Cause I gotta lot of sh_t going
I was trying to be the nice guy
Until these n_ggas thought I was hoe'in
These n_ggas thought I was p_ssy
I had to show 'em I'm 'bout it
I put that b_tch on my Snapchat
Watch how she start feelin' clouted
She gon' s_ck everyone around me
Fresh as hell like I wash laundry with Bounty
I can't front like I didn't come from my county
I know where I'm from, I'm my daddy's son
I never switched up one time
Pick up that back end now it's ice time
This boujee b_tch said that she's hungry
Well stupid lil' b_tch it's rice time

Lil' Boat

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