For Hot 97 - Lil Yachty feat JBanS2Turn, Byou, BigBruthaChubba

[Lil Boat:]
Brrr hey RD man, it's Boat, yeah. Hey man you know that n_gga Yachty went on the God damn mornin' show, n_ggas try to freestyle, n_ggas tryna act like a n_gga ain't got it. Like a n_gga ain't still got it, like a n_gga ain't really countin' up hundred dollar bills. That motherf_ckin' there like ain't bossed up b_tch

[Lil Yachty:]
Stop all that flexin'
Woke up all my n_ggas like stop all that restin'
Might have my OG comin' do a little pressy
You n_ggas is p_ssy
I see it, I feel it, I know it, I smell it, it's clear
F_ck I look like sippin' beer?
I got 32 b_tches back home waitin' on me
Give 32 f_cks to a n_gga hatin' on me
Got so much ice you'd think my jeweler flaked on me, God damn
Hold on, money so old, check its colon
Knot so fat Ben Franklin like who is you foldin'
Whips so new got these coppers thinkin' it's stolen
So they pull me over and see that my teeth golden
It's over, Bro keep the chopper on his shoulder
Just paid cash for a Benz, and Moms, a new Rover
Still the youngest n_gga sober
Still the richest n_gga over on my side of town
I'm still the king with the crown
King of the teens
Show some respect in my down
N_gga talkin' crazy, he get shot down
Ay, oh, yeah, ay, ah
How many times I'm a tell ya?
Young n_gga I told ya, I told ya, I told ya
I told ya that RD up next
I told you that Boat keep a check
That Yachty could flex, lil b_tch
Watch how I flip it
These n_ggas mad cause that wait, I just skipped it
Overnight shawty, that p_ssy, I dipped it
I had to slow it down cause n_ggas don't get it
Watch how I do it and watch how I did it
Just copped a new watch and oh boy have I sh_tted
Richer than ever
More wise and more clever
Ball so hard I need a letter, put that on my sweater
Lil b_tch, lil b_tch
Lil n_gga you hate how I switched
26 sh_t, I jumped out on my wrist
I'm the richest out the group just like Kris Jenner
All of these n_ggas beginners
F_ck on that b_tch then I skirt off with spinners in spinners
All of my whips got spinners
JBan$, JBan$, Lil Boat, Lil Boat

B_tch Stop all that flexin'
Spent 10 on my neck, name dropping'? we pressing
B_tch don't want no pressure
Eat p_ssy for breakfast
That b_tch actin' reckless, drop her off in Texas
My plug he like Messi
Got bricks out like sushi, n_gga you a rookie
Empire, no Cookie
Saw his chain and I took it
Catch you off in traffic, b_tch don't want no static
Then don't play like Magic lil b_tch
I ball like I'm Kobe but it's 20, Ginobili
My n_ggas not foldin', talk down, cut you open
My neck is on frozen, Olaf
He put diamonds forever
We shinin', JBan$, he might blind ya, b_tch
Talk down and we find ya, b_tch
JBan$ keep that iron, b_tch
October 30th Like Mike Meyers, b_tch
G-wagon sit on the big tires, b_tch
B_tch, b_tch, JBan$

(Never, never, never, never)
Never ate the box like RD and Jimmy
I shoot with the semi, went high like I'm 30
I look out the scope, just give me the scoop
Whenever you ready, his chest like spaghetti
That n_gga gon' fold just like a futon
Would tell her jump on my d_ck but it's too long
I just bought a bunch of groupies with Groupon
Tell me what you want?
I told 'em, I told 'em, I told 'em
Hey, hey, I told 'em, I told 'em
Hey, I keep the chrome in my jeans
Hey, just like a chromosome
Hey, popped it with calicorn
Hey, when I get on, I'm a f_ck me a capricorn
Hey, you a, byou a, ah, ah

All of my whips got spinners
Chop the brick in half like it's the winter, December
Put ah n_gga in a blender
All these n_ggas be pretenders
Pretendin', pretendin'
These n_ggas ain't winnin'
We still on that mission to get all the blue cheese
We got them clips just like a movie
She s_ck me up just like a smoothie

[Lil Yachty:]
P_ssy so gooey, she lick me up after she do me
It's Boat from the Sixer, I'm cut like some sizzors
I'm gone off the sizzurp, I hit her from the back
Then hit on that back like she bizzurp
Eat on that p_ssy like it was some desert
Minister, sailing team, take him to chizzurch
I don't f_ck with these n_ggas, these n_ggas be snitches
They just want my riches, they just wanna f_ck on my b_tches
These n_ggas, they can't
These n_ggas be jank
I might pull up with sword like I was Link
Pull up with a sword like 21
Hit the strip club and throw Bands just for fun
Lil Boat

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